Why do our users love the Actofit SmartScales?

The whole initiative of the Actofit Smartscale is to get accurate information about your body. One of the main reasons why people are not able to achieve their desired results is that they’re not able to see relative progress or change in their body overnight. A normal mirror or a basic weighing scale is not able to map your muscle gain or your fat loss, which changes every week if you’re working out. 

During transformation based training, your weight remains the same, give or take, but your bodyfat and muscle mass change drastically. Your protein level needs to increase to make up for the muscle tear and re-building process. Your BMR needs to increase to create the caloric deficit to decrease Body Fat. With the Actofit SmartScale, we wanted to measure all this and more. We wanted to create an accountability that would inspire you to go back to the gym everyday. Would let you see that difference everyday and analyse your body in the 360° realm.

Fitness as a whole has completely changed over the years with new tech has brought forward a truthful/ fairer perspective.   

Measure 14 body composition metrics: We have one of the most comprehensive scale which is goal oriented when used right. Provides all the relevant vital statistics.

Share it: Now share your progress with your family or your trainer with a click of a button. Compare your stats from Day 1 to Day 7 and admire your progress!

Get AI powered personalized health solutions: Our AI powered engine Actobot  guides you through your queries and recommends personalized health tips on your lifestyle which can help you lead a healthier life.

Multi User Database: 16 users can get detailed analysis of their health on a daily basis on the same app.

Visual/ Graphic analysis: Just sync your smart scale to the actofit app, get trend graphs and other details and statistics which will help you analyze and prepare for the long run. Whether in building plans or correcting the existing ones.

Value for Money: With more features than industry leaders, at a lower price point, it is one of the most affordable SmartScales, which has the most value.

Awesome Customer Support: With a 24 hour ticket resolution timeperiod, our customer support will not sleep unless we have been able to fix your issue.


Your love has pushed us to the top 4 list of Amazon Launchpad picks. We’re excited to creating a positive impact on everyday people’s health and wellness. Join our family and let’s strive towards a fitter 2018. Get your SmartScale today!

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