Batch 2 Shipments Initiated, Batch 1 held up shipment clarifications, Product improvements and more.

We’re glad to update that the second batch has been processed completely for shipping and is expected to be dispatched this weekend. We’ve tied up with DHL and seems about a week of delivery lead time. Hope to be able to share the tracking details by Monday/Tuesday. We’ve had a more stringent QC process with us founders getting more hands on and have set up a much more evolved and reliable logistics setup, as we’ve had a learning curve from our initial experience 🙂

For people who haven’t still received the batch 1 shipments, or whose tracking have shown no progress, we’re following up just as vigorously with SwissPost. We know some of you have suggested that we should ship out new units via more reliable carriers and keep a deadline to estimate the lack of delivery. Keeping that in mind, we have agreed to keep the end of next week as that deadline (i.e. April 23) and we better hope they are delivered within those dates, for our sake.

The last couple of weeks may have been the most crucial and the craziest weeks of our journey so far. We’ve had very very rich engagements with our users, which has led to a lot of initial issues being resolved very quickly with the product and its software and we commend you guys for your patience. We’ve already had a few app updates and firmware updates to take care of the initial feedback and are a lot more confident now. We will continue to work tirelessly and passionately by taking your feedback positively to make this the product what you want it to be 🙂

Some of the resolved issues within the last couple of week include integration of workout and 24 hour data, resolving steps mismatch, reducing syncing issues due to android fragmentation while we’re continuously running a variety of test cases to understand more sync fail conditions as that seems to be the #1 problem now on highest priority, increasing user-friendliness / UX around exercise recording and training and improvement in actual identification and elimination of a number of bugs.

Lastly, I apologize for all tickets not being answered, we’ve missed a few in between, but we were swamped with a much higher number than what we expected, given which we’ve increased our efficiency and will revert back within the same day for any ticket and we encourage you guys to continue to raise tickets for any personal questions. Thanks again for being part of this journey with us.


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