Fitbit Ionic Adidas Vs Apple Watch Actofit

Managing your fitness has never been more important; the good news is it’s getting easier. Technology as a whole has reduced the gap between reality and your goals. We all can’t hire the services of a kidney-a-session personal trainer and this is where technology can be a gamechanger.

This is seen time and again and this time with Fitbit tying up with Adidas to launch a special Ionic Adidas Edition Smartwatch. . It makes having a trainer on hand (or wrist, in this case) possible. With all the existing features of the Ionic this edition, provides a unique coaching experience through the Adidas Train app, that includes six on-screen workouts aimed at improving form, speed and power.

It’s interesting to note that all of Adidas workouts understandably focus on running. Running is the go-to exercise to measure & promote fitness for non-tech companies, & most fitness wearables excel in tracking runs over other exercises since it’s easily measureable with accelerometers & GPS sensors.

But will this be enough to boost interest in Fitbit and compete against the largely successful Apple Watch? Will customers pay extra for an Ionic Watch that is already not doing so well? Will original Ionic users who can’t even download the branded app on their non-Adidas watches be happy about it? And are Guided Workouts really that innovative?

While Apple’s partnership with Nike Watch Series does not provide a Guided Workout experience of its own, Actofit Application provides goal based Guided Workouts on the Apple Watch for absolutely free or as little as $3.99 a month.


This allows you to select/create your own workout plan and gives you a step-by-step experience directly on the Apple Watch, no phone needed. Right from the exercise name, form, repetitions show up on the device screen, haptic alerts on set completion, and next exercise information simply by looking down at the watch. Metrics such as exercise, reps, exercise-specific calories, velocity, power, force and one rep max are automatically calculated for each set and visible directly on the Apple Watch 

In the freestyle mode the app will track exercises, reps, heart rate, form, calories burned and more on the fly allowing users to take corrective actions instantly.

Actofit Engine allows an Apple Watch to be used for Guided Workouts or for gym workout tracking.

You can download the Actofit Engine Workout Tracker for your Apple Watch here 


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