Summer is here and the world is moving towards a more fitness oriented era, while more and more people joining the fitness wagon, many of us ignore basic things while working-out. This is the reason we end up feeling that no matter how hard we try we just don’t achieve the desired shape and form. Living in a world of instant gratification we often ignore the little things and end up getting confused, frustrated and exhausted. These are some of the basics when done right can you get your desired summer body 

  • Planning your workout

Going to the gym totally blank and spending the first 30 mins deciding between chest day and leg day just starts off your workout on a bad note. Not having a set routine will just waste your time and not master the different machine. The best us to pick a program to get started and stick to it to get the best results.


  • Warm-up

A warm up shouldn’t be just jogging on a treadmill or doing some stretches as it just doesn’t prepare your body to lift weights. To get the blood flowing and open the body a dynamic mix of stretching and activation exercises which move the muscles to a full range of motion are required to avoid any injuries and have a fatigue free workout


  • Stay hydrated

Getting your mouth dry during a workout is one of the worst things that could happen to an athlete. Water regulates the body temperature and keeps the joints lubricated throughout your workout, optimizing results obtained. Toxins collected in the body which hinder the growth of the muscles are also cleaned up when you stay hydrated. Water is just the most common way of keeping hydrated. Sports drinks and coconut water are some of the other options available


  • Keeping track

Most of us never take notes. But if we measure nothing how can we improve? Record your workouts, take photos, measure everything periodically. This highlights your successes and failures and lets you adjust your regime accordingly and upgrade results.

  • Doing way too much or way too less

Some of us tend to skip workouts felling lazy or too worked up and some of us tend to go overboard with the workouts not giving the much needed rest to our body. The inconsistency in going to the gym is one of the top reasons for not getting the desired results. Maintaining a schedule even if it means going to the gym once a week will ensure that the progress remains on track. But hitting the gym too often also has its consequences as the body doesn’t have enough time to recover and grow stronger will slow down your progress