Why your next workout should be HIIT

High-intensity interval training or HIIT as it is commonly called is a type of training that includes a series of low to high-intensity workouts with intervals of quick rests. With its growing popularity as it is generally considered to be the emos efficient way to get lean, get conditioned and get tough. This cardio training is an absolute solution to burn fat. People everywhere, want to get fit, have a good workout but fail to squeeze the time for it. That is exactly when HIIT comes into the picture, it squeezes into your tight schedule and helps you reach your fitness goals. HIIT has various benefits which one can not ignore, making it one of the most effective types of training

  1. A perfect solution for a busy solution

Never let a tight schedule come between you and your health. HIIT aids you achieve the same amount of results in less than half of the time. Research suggests that one can achieve the same amount of fitness with HIIT in a lesser amount of time.

  1. Burns calories even when the training is completed

HIIT burns calories during the workout as well as after the workout. The effect of HIIT lasts even after the training, that too for a good 24hours. The body burns fat as we as calories more than the regular anaerobic exercises

  1. Enhance your metabolism to a greater extent

As HIIT is hard on your body, you tend to take in more oxygen and this excess consumption of oxygen over the other types of training helps increase the rate of metabolism. The more the metabolism the more is the rate of calorie burn. A greater metabolism results in a lean body, faster weight loss, a whole lot of energy and slowed down the aging process

  1. Keeps an eye on your heart

Arteries and veins in your heart are elastic in nature WIth regular HIIT the arteries and veins in your heart tends to be more flexible which can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure

  1. Helps You Lose Weight

HIIT allows the body to reduce the fat keeping the muscle mass in check. It preserves your muscle and makes the fat liberal by reducing the fat cells. HIIT overshadows the common fact that one cannot lose

fat without letting go of muscle mass.

  1. Requires no specific place or setup

HIIT is where you go all out for a very limited time and then recover and again go at it again. You don’t need a setup or a place to do HIIT, it has many forms with no obstruction with space

  1. Motivation is all you need

Understand this, if achieving fitness would’ve been easy everyone would have been fit today. It sure is challenging but gives out great results. One can only gain from HIIT, and to train, motivation is an integral factor

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