Bursting the workout myths

While on our journey to fitness we come across various myths that we are unaware of. We start believing those myths and schedule and modify our workouts based on those myths without realizing that this might lead to wastage of not only our time but also our energy. We all should be aware of these workout myths, hence I have busted some of the fitness myths that I’ve come across and presented it to you so that next time someone hits you with one of these you know what to do.

Exercising on an empty stomach burns more fat

A myth that some still follow is working out on an empty stomach will burn more fat but the fact is that exercising on an empty stomach will make both your brain and body cranky. While you might not want to eat a heavy meal before a workout, eating a healthy snack before a workout will only improve your performance, boost recovery, sustain longer and intense workouts.

You can focus on losing fat from certain body parts/spot training/target fat burn

Fat training isn’t a thing. Fat cells are distributed all over your body. If you want to lose fat from a certain part of your body you can’t’ lose it by exercising that body part alone, you need to lose fat from all over your body. So if you want to lose weight from certain body parts, exercise and lose it from your entire body.

Sports drinks are good for you/you to need sports drinks to replenish your electrolytes

Gatorade is classified as a sports drink. Gatorade contains electrolytes however it also contains a high amount of sugar which can increase health risks like weight gain, poor diet, raised risks of diabetes and obesity. Trade sports drinks for water which will not only keep you hydrated but also away from health risks of Gatorade.

Sweating a ton means you lost a lot of fat

During an intense workout session, you might feel like the kilos are literally sweating off. But that is not the case. Sweating only represents a loss of water, it is the body’s way of cooling down by releasing stored hydration. Hence sweating only means that you need to rehydrate yourself.

Weight gain means you are getting fat

When you start working out, initially you might not lose any weight or your weight might even increase a little bit, while this may feel a bit demotivating, it does not cause for alarm. It’s just your body adding muscle tissue which weighs more per volume than fat.

Lean muscle

You may have heard people saying “I don’t want to get bulky, I just want to build lean muscle”, but the fact is there is no such thing as lean muscle or, to put it another way, all muscle is lean muscle. When people use the term “lean muscle” they usually mean lean body mass which is the weight of your body minus any weight from fat.

You can turn fat into muscle

You can’t turn fat into muscle or muscle into fat. Fat won’t deteriorate into muscle. Fat and muscle are two different things. Muscle can be lost or gained and so can fat but they are not the same.

You should workout everyday

The more you work out the better the health, as this might hold true, it’s a myth that you should work out every day. Working out makes your body and more importantly, your muscles tired after a certain period of working out, taking rests in between will help your muscles to cool down otherwise your muscles would be too work out to grow.

When benching the bar should reach your chest

A good bench press is when your arms are parallel to the floor. For many people, this means lowering the barbell until it’s directly in contact with the chest. But this form can cause strain on your arms and even cause injuries. So when you are benching stop at one inch before the bars at your chest.

Weight training is for men

The truth is weight training is a great way to build muscles and has nothing to do with gender. According to science, women produce less testosterone on an average than men and studies suggest that hormones play a role in determining how we build muscle.

First light is the best time to workout

The best time to workout is whatever time you can workout out consistently and give your best. The best for exercising is when you can plan and get it done uninterrupted.

Before you curate any workout plan make sure you are aware of all the facts and that you are not fed with myths, to gain the maximum benefits from your workouts.

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