The motivation for working out is the hardest to find! But there is a simple trick – the first 10 minutes, but how to motivate oneself for those first 10 minutes, right? We postpone our workouts because we are busy, aren’t we? Naahh!!! We delay it because we lack motivation, Period.

The Science behind this is simple, workouts require hard work from our end and get monotonous after a certain point. But what if I tell you I have a solution to the monotony? That’s right, group workouts!

Group training is ranked #2 in the 2018 list of fastest growing trends in the fitness industry by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and has proven to be more effective than solo workouts.

So how do group workouts help, you ask?

Here are some of the benefits of group workouts,

  1. Motivation:

Have you ever thought to yourself that you should work out at home by yourself and then found yourself doing nothing at all! Group workouts are the key to getting you on your feet. When you join a fitness club, it motivates you to push yourself more. But that’s still not enough, is it? That’s where group workouts come in. Group workouts make you want to push yourself harder because nobody wants to be the backdrop of the group. We tend to push ourselves because everybody else is doing so too!

  1. Get competitive:

Group workouts tend to get competitive which makes it more compelling to workout. When we see our partner intensely working out we tend to workout more than them and this way, we increase our capacity and help lose those extra kilos. Studies have shown that people who workout in groups have more progress than people who do solo workouts.

  1. Regularity:

Remember the time when you used to attend classes, lectures only if your friends were attending it, the same phenomenon applies here. We tend to work out more regularly if our friends are a part of the group. Regularity in working out will make us reach our goals faster and smoother and group workouts help exactly with that.

  1. Decrease in stress level:

Friends make everything better, don’t they? Researchers have shown that working out in groups reduces stress levels by 26%. Studies have proven time and again that working out relieves stress. So what about working out coupled with friends? It’ll do wonders to your workout goals! We are so consumed by our day to day lives that we forget to enjoy ourselves, that’s exactly when working out in groups help us! It not only helps us spend time with our friends but also enjoy the process of working out.

  1. Fun:

I personally prefer working out in groups, be it with friends, colleagues or family. Workouts are always more enjoyable when done in groups. While working out in groups you can try out different workouts, help each other in working out new techniques and so much more. When the workout gets fun we aren’t actually working out, we are just enjoying ourselves and in the process releasing stress, getting stronger and reaching body goals.

Now that we know the benefits of group workouts, let’s talk about what would make group workouts more interesting. Personally, when I workout in groups, Actofit’s heart rate based group training app helps a lot as it generates real-time intensity feedback. It helps each one member of the group to know heart rate percentage based on which increase/ decrease the intensity of our workouts. This way our training gets more effective as it becomes more competitive. It pushes every one of us to do more and reach our goals!

For all the people out there still not convinced with group training being the best, well we have a solution for you too! Actofit’s personal trainer portal helps your trainer customize and personalize your workouts and diet plans accordingly, which keeps you motivated and up to date!



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