10 Most Effective Workouts without the Use of any Equipment

  1. Running

Running tops our list of the most effective workout due to various reasons. It is one of the easiest but effective types of training. Running requires nothing, no equipment, no specific space or time. Running not only improves cardiovascular fitness but also strengthen muscles. RUnning is said to be one of the major exercises for the people who wish to lose fat

  1. Squats

Effectiveness of squats is well known from ancient times. It is true that squats help you build your leg muscles but they also help body wide building of muscle. Squats are also one of the most time efficient exercises to burn fat (calories which in turn burns fat). They also help you maintain mobility and makes real life activities easier. Squats are known to tone the body but a lesser known fact is that they help in preventing injuries by making you more flexible.

  1. Pushups

Who doesn’t know pushups, it is one of the most popular exercises with abundant advantages. It not only increases testosterone, which helps in muscle growth but also enhances your cardiovascular system. A cardiovascular exercise helps you maintain your heart’s health promoting the reduction of fat which is stored in the body. A good posture is everyone’s desire and pushes up aids to that, it strengthens your core muscles which helps in attaining proper structure. Plus it’s free and you can almost do it anytime, anywhere, all you need is flat ground and you’re good to go

  1. Crunches

Crunches are essential if you need six pack abs. No training is complete without adding crunches to it. Strength building is one of the core functions which crunches cater. Core muscles not only helps you in maintaining a better poster but also improves your body balance. You can burn a major amount of calories in less amount of time. You can bust a session or a set at any time, before work, after work, during the break, before lunch.

  1. Lunges

Lunges are the easiest exercise on this list. Lunges can be varied from stationary lunges to walking lunges. Doing lunges is a great way of strengthening hips and growing thigh muscles. The downward and upward movements impart elasticity on the muscles strengthening them. Lunges also help boost functionality and provide you with asymmetrical toning of the body. While many other exercises strain your back, lunges help your back relax and helps in recovery to the spine

  1. Tricep Dips

Yes I know the headline said no equipment but come on, a chair is not equipment and yes, you’ll need a sturdy chair for dips. It is one of the workouts which strengthens your upper body. Dips are challenging but fun, you may soon overcome the strain but you can always increase the weights, thereby increasing the growth of the upper body. It also helps you achieve a V-shaped upper body.

  1. Burpees

The word itself makes people twitch. Burpees is by far the most intense exercise on this list. One requires a sheer amount of motivation as well as dedication to include burpees in their workout. Strength building is the most important function it caters to. Burpees increase the capacity of your heart as well as lungs. It also helps you perform the anaerobic exercise with ease as burpees require a lot of energy without oxygen and in a short span of time. ALso with every rep, you’ll work your abs, chest, arms, quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

  1. Pull-ups

And yes, you require a pole or a rod to perform pull-ups. Increases intensity, Improves grip strength, maximal strength as well as endurance strength

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