We all face some or the other kind of workout problem, don’t we? some of us do not have enough motivation, some get tired easily, some of us don’t get expected results even after working out for long hours. But have we ever tried figuring out why do we face such problems even after making that perfect workout plan? Is working out enough to get the best of results? Certainly not! Working out will only be effective if you do it the right way. Workouts not only require hard work and consistency but also smart work, to get the most out of it!

Warm up/stretch:

Stretching pre and post workout is the most important step in working out. Pre-workout stretching helps to warm up your body, it tells your body that it’s time to get going. It prepares your body for the movements you are about to do. It improves circulation and prevents you from getting injuries during a workout. While post-workout stretching also helps to prevent injuries, it helps you cool down and relax. It releases the tension off your muscles caused by exercising. Stretching also gives you more flexibility and tones up your body. Your muscles would be more relaxed after a good stretch relieving you of soreness and making you feel better.

Listen to music:

Listening to music while exercising will relieve you of boredom and puts you in a better mood. If the song has a strong beat it will push you towards working out more leading to improved performance. Working out is not an easy task, it makes you keep track of every second, music helps you to lose track of time and just be in the moment making your workout more. Music also reduces pain during a workout by distracting you, making you focus on the positives.


Exercise and diet go hand in hand. While diet alone cannot help burn calories, exercise alone doesn’t work either if not clubbed with a good diet plan. What you put in your body creates a huge difference in getting you your perfect body. You need to organize a balanced diet plan and eat food accordingly. A balanced diet as per your body requirement coupled with exercise will boost the benefits of working out, helping you get those abs more quickly. While you prepare a diet plan make sure you count your calorie intake along with calories burnt to get maximum results.


It’s extremely important to hydrate yourself before, during and post workout. During the workout, you release water in the form of sweat which leads to dehydration. Dehydration causes cramps and pain in the joints which can also make you sick. Water helps to lubricate your joints and prevents your body from overheating. It helps to transport nutrients and in the process increase energy levels in your body helping you workout more effectively.

Mix it up:

The same workout routine will get monotonous after a while leading you to get back to your couch. After working out for a while your body gets used to the same exercises that you’ve been doing every day which will lead to a decrease in its effectiveness. Mixing it up beats the monotony and makes working out more exciting. When you change routine your body works harder to adjust to the new routine burning more calories and building more muscles in the process. Doing the same kind of workout every day leads to repetitive strain injury which is caused by repetitive motions. So make sure you mix and match your routines to keep up!  


With revolutionised fitness and busy work schedules, we tend to lose track of our workouts. Hence it has become necessary to measure and keep track of your performance. Tracking performance helps you analyze and present a clear image as to how far you have reached and how far is yet to reach, this will help you to make changes in your routine if and when it’s required. It makes you accountable to yourself and keeps you committed. Tracking your performance will help you understand stagnation and turn it into progress. It helps you keep data of your health, summarize your performance and form habits.

Workout buddy:

Having a workout partner increases your chances to be more regular for your workout sessions. Exercising with someone creates an atmosphere of healthy competition making you want to push yourself harder and achieve your body goals more rapidly and effectively. You can have fun working out together by introducing a new variety of workouts to each other. Your workout buddy will have your back and help prevent injuries. You can act as each other’s trainers and help each other on your way to glory!

I’ve been using Actofit Impulse fitness band for some time now and it has helped me get the best out of my workouts as I can track all my workout activities effectively in real time. It has 7 sports modes. Pair Impulse with the heart-rate monitoring app to get insights like time spent in each heart rate zone, calories burned, peak heart-rate, average heart-rate throughout the session.

Apart from all this make a workout plan, strategize it as per your requirements, follow it religiously. Don’t work out too much or too less, make sure to do it right to fit your goals.

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