How technology changed the landscape of fitness

In this ever-increasing fast-paced world, where everything is eased up by technology, why should fitness stay behind?

With the use of technology, we have made ourselves less active by using a car instead of walking, by spending our leisure being on the couch watching TV instead of going out and doing different activities. Most of us do jobs that don’t require moving around much. All this leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, leading to weight gain and ultimately obesity. Technology might have made us couch potatoes but we can use the same technology to improve our health.

So how can we use technology and turn this around? 

The answer is fitness gadgets! We have always dreaded the idea of workouts. It’s quite difficult to keep human beings engaging especially with us getting bored easily or with us being busy with our workload. But the new fitness apps and gadgets are here to break this monotony of workouts. The gadgets these days not only track our performance but also help gamify our workouts and make it more interesting.

There are also so many fitness challenges that fitness companies have introduced to keep us motivated. But what can keep us motivated is only ourselves. Now you may be thinking it’s easier said than done. Well, as much as I agree to that I also believe that things might seem difficult initially because we have conditioned ourselves to a certain lifestyle, but come on we are just humans after all! We can always push our limits in order to achieve great heights. For being fit these days you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym, you can buy fitness gadgets like fitness bands, fitness scales which are quite handy and also helps you keep track of how you are doing. Using these fitness apps and bands, you can also workout in groups with your friends. Working out with a friend will not only boost your motivation but it will also break the monotony and help you push yourself further.

Good workout along with a good diet plan is a way to a healthy and fit life. These fitness gadgets come along with apps which also track our food intake and sleep. Tracking our overall health has always been our major concern but with these apps, you can do that with the ease of doing it as and when required.

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