Need for fitness test in schools

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, said by Nelson Mandela. Are the youth of today doing the right thing to shape the world of coming generations. Let’s get real today’s Indian education  system hasn’t given importance to fitness or physical education. Which is a sin we are doing to our coming generation. We can’t stress enough the importance of fitness and the most negelated Fitness test. We have been taught that we are unique, But we don’t understand our uniqueness. Our bodies are different too and it is very important  to understand our body or health. Now further in this blog you will come across how fitness test or exam are conducted in particular school.

Our research showed that school fitness examinations have a small influence on student perspectives on physical education, fitness testing may be losing valuable class time when done in isolation from the curriculum. School fitness examinations are infrequently used to teach students on fitness and they’re often executed inadequately. Earlier studies have claimed both extreme positive or negative results, based on students’ and teachers’ memories of fitness examinations. The goal of the current study was to explore how students’ performance in fitness tests which can foretell expected attitudes and emotions.

These researchers additionally measured the volume of the results. They discovered that fitness examination production revealed only 12% of the variation in boys’ satisfaction and hatred towards Physical Education and girls, it was even lower, at 4%. Feelings of dullness towards Physical Education were barely affected at all by progress in the examinations. These results present a firm distinction to the passionate discussion encircling the impact that fitness examinations might hold on student experiences of Physical Education.

Some researchers recommend, though fitness examination could become larger result if executed as part of a fitness coaching curriculum.

They also see certain restrictions on the study. The data obtained handled at a one-time point so they were unable to measure differences in nature over time. The teachers included did not follow instructions about combining fitness tests into the curriculum. Students did not examine their results to past tests and the data gathered were not used to watch student fitness.

Fitness test is a necessity.All these fitness tests are done using outdated methods. It could be a pain taking process to test hundreds hundreds of students. But now we have got updated Technology which can help to make these fitness test easy and simple. One such device is Actofit Smartscale which measures BMI, BMR, Body Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass and many more giving you a complete 15 body parameters value. After all, it’s our duty to raise a healthy, knowledgeable leaders,

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