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Like Benjamin Franklin once said “ If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” Just like how you plan out things in your life. You need to plan about your fitness journey, clearer your goal, easier to achieve your target. That’s where technology gives new dimensions to the Fitness Industry.

Body composition.

Firstly, Understand  about your body compositions with the help of advanced technology, We have Smart scales which can help you to understand more about your body by showing data about 15 body parameters. Also providing you a detailed digital report and process report.

Now once you understand where exactly you stand, it’s easy to target your goals and plan out. Now let’s burst some common issues faced during a fitness journey .

Working out but not getting any desired results?

Your workout/Gyms are turning boring?

Unaware how to workout?

Running out of motivation?

Group Gamification. 

Workout can get monotonous over a period of time. A workout session where your heart rate, heart rate zone, workout intensity and calorie burn is been tracked and showed in a real-time leaderboard. Creating a healthy competition among your workout buddies. Which can motivate you give your best and at the same time you get to enjoy your workouts.

Guided workout

Guided workout or virtual workout where you can access workout sessions using your phones or using your Apple/Android watches. Where you can either use Pre-set assigned workouts or  pro- custom guided workout. which can also be done in the comfort of your home.

Personal trainer portal.

A portal where each member can access their fitness journey. Keep track of their fitness goals and fitness tests. you can assign Relevant workout programs. They also provide you with personalized diet plans. Now, this sounds like a fun and well-planned goals. Always remember your fitness goals can’t come to live overnight. You need to be determined, honest, focused and consistent to see your fitness dream goals come true.

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