Fitness Bands Explained

A new wave of trends in technological field broke out, which is compelling the human to stay fitter. Which have been a great benefit for us. Now before you enter the market, you might need to know about these.

So in this blog we will be discussing about common features of fitness bands. And will be taking you through the unique features of Impulse Fitness tracker which you don’t want to miss.

Fitness Bands are designed to track your Heart Rate, Sleep, Calories and so on. How it works, It sits softly on your wrist: summing up your steps, tracking your sleep, observing your heart and calculating the difference between a light jog and a mad sprint. But how it is done?


The most simple and primary tracker inserted is the accelerometer. It can be applied for various things but is typically put to practice for counting steps. By mapping orientation and acceleration force, they can conclude whether the device is horizontal or vertical, and whether it’s moving or not.


GPS is decades-old technology, but its presence in fitness bands is almost new because the chips are growing more productive — nobody wants a huge band on their wrist to include a large battery.

3.Heart Rate Monitor

Unlike the ECG a doctor might use to estimate your heart rate, an optical heart-rate monitor regulates your heart rate using light. An LED lights through the skin and an optical sensor monitors the light that bounces back. Since blood consumes more light, fluctuations in light level can be interpreted into heart rate – a process called photoplethysmography.


Most of the fitness tracker notify you with all the notification regarding an incoming call or any messages received on your social media handles.

Are some of the basic features that you will find in good fitness trackers. As we are already  aware there are many fitness trackers in the market right now. Now depending on one’s needs, they will need to choose the best fitness tracker for themselves.

Now talking about our product, Impulse Fitness Tracker. We have few unique features which makes us stand out compared to other fitness trackers.

Workout Tracker-

These unique features give you an insight into training sessions like rep counts or performed, calories burned, heart rate and much more.  Giving you a better understanding of your workout analysis. so that you can consequently work and understand to level up your fitness game.

Heart rate zone analysis

For a quick and better understanding of your heart rate, we have zones which will help you to analyze your heart rate zone and helping you to keep motivated throughout the fitness journey.  Defined as a percentage of the maximum heart-rate, determining your heart-rate zone will enable you to identify the upper and lower limits of your training so that you can intensify or cool down your activity.

Guided Workout

We also provide you with Guided workout features. where you have a variety of exercise levels and intensities. You can perform different workout as you like. We believe workout is all about fun. That’s why we provide you all these features for free.

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot helps you to answer all your fitness-related queries. It helps you prepare, track and analyses your workouts. It guides you towards your fitness goals.

Always remember, You need to choose a fitness tracker as per your needs. Which can add meaning to your fitness journey .


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