The need of Fitness Trackers today

The current fashion of living a sedentary life today is having a negative impact on our health. There has been a need to monitor activities like distance, calorie count, heart rate, workout tracking and so on to have a check on our fitness. All this is what a Fitness tracker aims to provide users.

Fitness trackers have t aken over the market by storm in the last decade or so. There has been a huge awareness and consciousness about fitness and having a healthy life in the market. Fitness trackers are the fastest-growing accessories in fitness today. Fitness trackers are need of the moment to cut out of sedentary life and make a step towards fitness. Who would have thought happiness could come from knowing you walked 10000 steps in a day?

How fitness trackers help us :

1.To keep track

Fitness trackers help you track your daily goals and progress. These trackers also record your statistics and reports which ultimately boosts your motivation levels. A good tracker will include tools such as calorie counter, distance tracker, step counter and heart rate monitor.

That is why fitness trackers are useful especially for people who want to get fit as they keep a record of all your exercises from from beginning till date, so that you can always check how far you have come.


The most important part of any goal accomplishment is motivation. Since weight loss seems to be a top to-do list for most people, knowing how many calories are burnt proves to be a great motivation to draw our health goals and achieve them.

Self tracking has been proved to be a great factor of motivation to get success. Everyday monitoring and analyzing your routine makes you motivated to work even more harder than yesterday.

3.Free programs

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer or gym classes. For such enthusiasts fitness tracker is a best option. Some trackers provide workout programs when you connect with their App.

This will be helpful if you are opting for fat loss or general fitness. You can have an exercise program according to your fitness levels. Such workout programs can be useful to follow a exercise regime without even going to gym.

4.Accurate Statistics

Fitness trackers provide accurate readings and statistics from beginning till date. You can analyze your past workout, diet and sleep which are important to healthy lifestyle. Having able to track all these can have great benefits as you can see where you lack and what areas you need to improve. It will not only help you build a routine for healthier life but also help you have a general understanding of your health and fitness.

5.All in one

Most of the trackers automatically sync your activity statistics to your phone via Bluetooth. It provides various features of calls and notifications, stopwatch, alarm, sleep monitoring as well as changing track in your playlist. All these features makes it more easier to use a fitness tracker along with convenience and comfort.

With all these benefits, fitness trackers provide a whole new level of technology uplift to our lifestyle.

Here are few of the top fitness trackers :

Fitbit Trackers

Actofit Trackers

Amazfit fitness Trackers

Mi Bands



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