Workout Essentials

While gearing up for your workouts, you don’t need to be pulled down by unfit clothing or tight shoes, do you? Keeping up with workouts every day is already a task in itself and while gearing up for it, you don’t want to be pulled down by unfit clothing or tight shoes, do you? I’ve made a checklist of all the workout essentials that you’ll be needing in order to kick-start your workout routine.

Here you go,

Workout clothing

Nothing is a bigger turn off than bad workout clothes. While buying workout clothes, look for a well-fitted, stretchable, sweat absorbing and breathable clothing. Only when all of these criteria are met, will the clothing be suitable for a workout. As all our bodies differ, initially, it’s better to avoid buying online and go to a store to buy workout clothes to check for the best fit. A well-fitting workout clothing will make working out more comfortable and doable. 

Water bottle

While exercising you lose a lot of water making you dehydrated. While working out, you need to nourish your body and make sure to not exhaust it too much. Hydrating yourself will do that job and help you keep going. You don’t have to go looking for water if you have a water bottle handy.


Music not only makes exercising more pleasurable but also efficient. High beat music helps us stay motivated and push more. Without headphones you’ll only feel like you are dragging yourself to workout, thereby pulling your motivation levels down. A good pair of headphones coupled with good music or podcast (whatever you prefer listening to) will help you stay focused throughout the workout.

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate trackers help you track your workouts and heartbeat thereby letting you know whether you are working out to maximum or no. Heart rate trackers help you understand the heart rate zone you are working in and how much more you need to push to get the best out of your exercises. It also helps in counting the calories burnt thereby, keeping a track of your overall fitness level.


While exercising barefoot is completely okay at home, exercising outside your house requires good shoes – shoes that fit better, that has good cushioning, that provide better grip and support to your

feet. Do a good investment of time and effort to buy a good shoe that suits your need and feet better. I bet you’ll never regret investing in a good shoe!


While weighing scales are considered important for a very long time, SmartScale is the new hit in that criteria. SmartScale not only measures your weight but also lets you keep track of other body parameters like protein, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, health score, etc. Keeping a track of different parameters of your body helps you determine your fitness level and make changes in your workouts suitably.  

Yoga Mat

Working out makes you sweaty which can lead you to slip while working out. In order to avoid that, use yoga mats. Yoga mats are generally made up of sticky synthetic materials that stick to the floor and help your hands, feet etc. grip better and hence prevent injuries. Floors being hard, make it difficult to do floor exercises, yoga mats help solve that problem as yoga mats are soft and comfortable. 

Small Towel

Constant sweating during workouts makes our body feel sticky and icky which is an obvious turnoff while exercising. Keeping a towel to wipe that sweat off will rinse off the toxins on your body and will also let go of the feeling of ickiness and discomfort you were feeling previously. Wiping off the sweats will also help you maintain grip while working out. 

Now that you have a checklist already, get yourself on your feet and start working out. Get that perfect body like a Boss!

No More Excuses Please!

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