Stay Smarter Stay Fitter.

All have been traveling back home to spend time with their loved ones. They are the best time of the year! Cold mornings with hot chocolate, good food and ending your night some wine. Catching up with friends, going to parties, more food just having the best time of your life. Unfortunately, this can be a bummer to your resolution to stay fit, before you drop that like you did in your previous years, Here are a few tips which will help you to achieve your goal and know how Actofit help you to achieve them ( your coupon code awaits )

Smart scale

Invest in a good smart scale which will help you understand your body better. We get impatient and want to see quick results as soon as possible. This is what one should realize you only happen to see results only after 4-6 weeks and people around you happen to notice your change is only after 8- 12 weeks.

Now your Actofit smartscale shows you about 15 body metrics. Which includes BMI, skeletal muscle, Protein, fat and so on. They help in a better understanding of your body. So with proper diet and exercise, you can understand the change in your body, which will also give you a boost of motivation.

So now you can ditch your weighing scales and get yourself a Smart Scale!

Impulse Workout tracker

We know workouts are pain, But they are very essential to keep your body fit! Eating healthy and not exercising may not achieve your goals. Just make sure you spend at least 15 – 20 minutes minimum, to exercise. You enjoying your workout is equally important.

Now your Impulse Workout tracker, help you track your workout by tracking your heart rate monitoring, Rep counts, offline sports mode, group workout mode and so on. They help you to analyze your workout so that you can give your best in your next session. This tracker not only motivates but they also help you to get better in your game.

They are a combination of both a fitness tracker and workout tracker so that you get the best of both the world.

When now you know how to achieve your goals for 2020. Here a small gift from the Actofit Family. A coupon code worth 30% off! ( Newme2020) So that you can furiously achieve your goals and lead a healthy life

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