How can we stay Fit during Corona-Virus Pandemics

We all know regular workout helps us to stay in great shape boost our immune system. This could not be highlighted anymore, when common cold, malaria or the epic pandemic of COVID-19 VIRUS also known as Corona-virus has stopped life as we know it.
However, this doesn’t mean hitting the Gyms is the best course of action. In this highly volatile environment, experts have warned that Gyms and Fitness studios are the High-risk location for spreading COVID-19 virus. Virus and germs thrives on warm and moist surface. Every fitness buff loves to burn calories, do intense workout but in this process we tend to touch a lot of equipment like dumbbells, barbells, weights, and the list goes on. If you still go to your gym, follow these pointers in1. Avoid touching your face with your hands or towels.
2. Wipe the equipment after its use
3. Use your own towel
4. Use hand sanitizer with alcohol level more than 60%
5. Avoid socializing after workout
6. Instead of going to the gym in shorts or workout bra; wear gear that would cover most of your body
7. Wear gloves during workout that would limit you from touching your face.
8. Avoid working out if your sick or feeling uneasy.
   And you’re still not safe. However, time never stops and neither should your workouts. In this situation workout at home, without risking your health. There are thousands of Apps that provide Workout Plans and schedules. Use them. If you’re not sure about the form for every exercise and don’t want to injure yourself with bad form, use the Actofit Workout App, which provides videos in real time with your workouts. With more than 500+ body weight workout videos for free get started today. With the connected Actofit Impulse Workout tracker track your calories, heart rate, your reps and get some form analytics. Select your expertise level and workout goals and you will get a series of workouts relevant for you. As government all around the world is asking people to stay indoors; Actofit has taken the initiative of fitness so our road to fitness should not have any roadblocks.
Therefore, Actofit Workout App is free on the App & Play Stores as well as providing heavy discount on Actofit Impulse band by using the coupon code “COVID19”. Stay home, stay fit and stay healthy.

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