Importances Of Home Workout During COVID-19 Pandemic

Working out is a great way to stay fit and improve our immunity. Gyms and Fitness center are the best place to do that till now. But now it’s the thing in the past because of the pandemic of COVID-19 virus. Gyms and group workout session is the great place to achieve your fitness goal. But also a place where you can actually can contracting the corona virus. This is the reason the government all over the world has either ordered or suggested the gyms and fitness center should be closed.

None of us have no idea about how long this situation will last. As we saw few day back how a fitness trainer in climbed up the his building in Spain and started doing Jumping jacks & squats. People watched him and followed him. As most of the world is in quarantine and we all are working from HOME and we all have to avoid going out unless it’s very important. With the spread of COVID-19 virus our day to day activity has being restricted to WORK-EAT-SLEEP REPEAT which will eventually result in weight Gain.

The best solution to stay fit in this current scenario is Home Workout. Researcher has also proven why and how home workout is beneficial

  • It’s easy  to adjust home workout in our daily schedule
  • It’s comfortable to workout in our own house without being self conscious
  • It’s completely free and even him if we get normal skipping ropes or resistances band it won’t be as costly as a gym membership
  • There is less likely chance of contracting Corona virus or any other gems or virus
  • We don’t have to travel to our gyms daily and risks our and people around us life
  • Beside doing the traditional workout at gyms with dumbbells and equipment you can try different workout on body weights 

When working out at home we know the basic body weight workout like push up, squats, lunges, pull up,burpees & etc. We will either get bore with doing the same routine or we either end up injuring yourself. There are a variety of various YouTube videos we can watch and perform our daily workout or we can download any home based workout APP either from play store or APP STORE. But is it sufficient we all know how important guidance is when working out. With proper video tutorial and guidance we can workout properly. the next question in your mind is how is this possible. Video tutorial you may get from YouTube or any other web portal but for guidance you cannot risk going to gym as its risky or hiring personal training as its costly.

Actofit has come forward in this time and is giving away 500 + body weight workout videos on their app Actofit Health & Workout available on both Play store & App store. They are also giving a heavy discount on their workout tracker Actofit Impulse using coupon code “COVID-19”. When connected with the app Actofit health and workout you can track your calories, heart rate, your reps & get your workout analytics. Without risking your own or people around us, we can carry forward our road to fitness with the help of Actofit.

Stay home.Stay Healthy and Stay Fit.

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