2020 is not the year we expected it would be but so much has happened in the last few months that it has shaken humanity to its core. Last month it was a wildfire in Australia now its COVID-19 Virus outbreak. As governments all over the world have requested people to stay indoors, so they don’t get infected tp COVID-19 VIRUS. We may have to stay indoor but it doesn’t mean we have to stop working out.
Here is the list of workout item which we can buy online continue our fitness journey
Its is really bad for our back and joints to do yoga or any sort of exercise on a hard floor. Most of the yoga mat found online comes with a non-slip surface so that it stays in the same place even when we are performing exercises like a mountain climber. The Yoga mat is made from such materials which are easy to clean after a workout
Doing jumping ropes for even 10 mins is equivalent to 30 mins of jogging. It’s a good cardio workout. Which helps us in improving our stamina and cardiovascular endurance.
If you want to have a good run but can’t head outside then the treadmill is the best option. Running on the treadmill is super easy you don’t have to worry about tripping over of uneven surface. You can set the pace as per your preferences
It is one one the most under-rated equipment which has a lot to offer. Sandbag helps you to improve your core and stability. It is easy to store and we can even work out with it indoor. With sandbag, you can do a various range of workout from squats to overhead press.
In recent time group spinning classes has been very famous among the people around the world. But due to coronavirus outbreak all the gyms and spinning classes are closed. The stationary bike helps you to work on both your legs and arms by replicating the movement of bicycle which helps you to burn calories and improve your stamina
Free weights help you to improve your strength as well as burn serious calories. With free weights, you can do different variations of workout every day. They don’t take much of your space and are affordable. It not only helps you to build your muscles but also improve your body balances
When I say workout tracker I am not talking about your normal activity tracker. A workout tracker is the one which monitors your heart rate in real-time & counts your calories but also counts your reps. Which many bands don’t offer, but Actofit Impulse Workout Tracker is the one you should get. It not only counts your heart rate & calories burn in real-time as well as count your rep but it also gives you Analytical WORKOUT REPORT after a workout is done. When connected to there app Actofit Health & Workout you have access to 500+ bodyweight workout, so you can watch the video and perform your workout and if your form is not correct the band won’t consider that REP so it pushes you to improve your form
They are also giving heavy discount on there workout tracker Actofit Impulse using coupon code “COVID-19“.


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