Widespread of COVID-19 has left a huge impact on gyms all over the world. As the pandemics are spreading the whole world has gone into lockdown in which all the gyms & fitness centers are shutdown as governments all over the world have ordered them to be shut till the pandemic is over. Big Gym chain is facing huge losses, but for small gyms, the situation is worse as they are on the verge of shutting down.
On March WHO declared coronavirus as Pandemics, which resulted in the closure of mall, movie theatres, swimming pool, gym &, etc to remain close as those are the places where a person can easily come in contact with the coronavirus.
Before all the gyms where lockdown many gyms owners and management asked there members to wash there hands properly, wipe out pieces of equipment after use. many gyms started keeping hand sanitizers in the reception so before entering the gym the member would use it. Other precautions like Gyms requested many of there members who were ill or had been on a foreign tour to avoid coming to gyms. But on 16 March the government ordered to close all the gyms.
Fitternity an online fitness platform that helps their customer to discover, book and attend different fitness classes like strength training, yoga, pilates, Zumba & much more. They have more than 12000 Gyms & fitness platform listed with them have seen nearly 90% loss in the march itself. Many prominent fitness chains like Cultfit, Gold Gym, Chisel or Snap fitness who has more than one center in the city have also admitted to facing losses of 20-30% in March itself. The owner of Fast Fit gym in Delhi & Faridabad Mr. Pravesh Gaur had already sent some of the staff on unpaid leave
Effect Of Lock Down
The lockdown not only effected the gyms & fitness centers but also their members, as they have to stay home and miss out there workout. Many Gyms have taken the virtual route and started providing home workout through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or youtube, Orange Fitness Theory is one such example. People have enthusiastically taken part in those online sessions.
How can we tackle this situation
⦁ At this movement only and the best way to generate income is through online training programs. Many fitness professionals have started doing live workout sessions which were free but looking at the situation right now it is the best solution.
⦁ The government should waive off GST on fitness center because they are one of the services that have to bleed out a lot, as fitness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries which provide employment to many people and if the government didn’t intervene many people would lose their job
⦁ The government should also give income tax benefits to the huge middle class so they can utilize that disposable income and spent it on service industries which would eventually benefit the gyms.
⦁ As all the Gyms & fitness centers are closed because of lockdown they cannot generate income as most of the gyms & fitness center rent places so the government should tax-free the rental income which would eventually benefit the tenants which are the Gyms & Fitness centers.

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