Why Body Weight Training Is As Effective As Weight Training

The no of COVID-19 cases keeps on rising all over the world and at the same time it is taking a huge toll on the economy. As a result, Fitness Studios & Gyms are shutting their door close but this doesn’t mean they have given up but rather they have taken a different and creativity route.
Fitness Studios and Gyms have started providing free classes through Instagram & Facebook live. Many Gyms & Fitness studios are offering online classes either for free or by trial period.
Most of the people around the world are cooped up in their homes. Many of us have to work from home while our fitness studios are closed, people are getting creative with their fitness routine. Many people are turning to youtube videos, online training sessions and even using furniture at home to do exercise like crunch and even soaping the tiles of the kitchen floor and using it as a treadmill.
But the bottom line is that weather if bodyweight training is as effective as weight training & answer to this is bodyweight training is effective. The reason behind it is bodyweight training allowed a more natural range of motion and improve our overall endurance and core muscle strength as well as it is very effective when building muscle. When it comes to advanced bodyweight training one needs to have an unmatched level of body tension which ultimately results in the growth of strength.
Many people would not agree with it as they believe that bodyweight training is not as effective as lifting weight as bodyweight training usually associated with a higher rate of reps and endurances. The problem is that people don’t know how to utilize their body weight to gain muscle. To gain muscles you need to lift heavy weights is the mindset of many people around us as it’s hard for them to believe that we can gain muscles by doing exercises like crow stand or frog stand, but the thing with bodyweight training is it requires a lot of patience and dedication. With proper guidance and training a person can gain muscles rapidly with bodyweight training without taking a toll on its joint as we all know strength training often leads to building pressure on our joints.
But as we all know all the gyms and fitness centers are closed, there no way we can know about different variations about bodyweight training, worry not we got you covered. Actofit is providing more than 500 + bodyweight workout through there app Actofit Health & Workout. The App is available on both play store & app store it comes with a rep count and as well as let you know how much calories you have burned. We all know building muscles need 80% diet & 20% workout, this is why they are also providing diet module that comes with 25000 food item details which let us know how much carbs, protein, fats, and other nutrition value a food item has in it.
So the bottom line is just because you cannot work out at the gym does not mean you have to stop your workout till the time everything is back to normal. Stay home download the APP & start your home workout with Actofit Health & Workout App.
Stay Home & Stay Safe

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