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Actofit Live Versus Zoom.

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Zoom classes are a pain. We know.

If your workspace aka the gym shutting down wasn’t bad enough, converting that gym setup to an “online fitness studio” definitely counts for one soul-crushing and gruesome experience. Whether you simply own a gym or you are a trainer yourself, you have built that fitness studio with your blood, passion and sweat, literally. And all that you see now, if you are lucky enough to see it at all, is a lock on its doors.

Add to that the added responsibility of being available for your customers, because no matter what, you have built those relationships with a lot of care and commitment, and deserting them in these tough times is not concurrent with your principles. Conducting workout sessions over Zoom, however, drives you mad. The internet is filled with trainers complaining about how setting up a class on Zoom takes more time and effort than the class itself. There is always something wrong with the speakers, you have to schedule classes from a different calendar, you have to send notifications to all participants, then, there will be that annoying group of people who don’t mute themselves during the session. It’s only natural that a fitness coach would not want to police their members every second minute.

So, what is the alternative to all your troubles?

Fortunately, there is a great alternative to conducting your gym sessions on Zoom and that is the Actofit Fitness app. Unlike Zoom, which is essentially an online meeting medium, Actofit is a specialized fitness video streaming platform.

Yes, you read that right. There is this amazing app that is especially suited to your requirements and it is all free. No need to pay $15 a month to be able to fit all your fitness enthusiasts into one class.

If you don’t like reading, you can easily check out the comprehensive comparison chart below. For those who want a detailed walk, read on.

Actofit Fitness allows you to personalize the experience you offer to your customers according to your brand; with its easy UI, you can click your way into creating an online gym that not only allows conducting classes online, but also provides you with the benefit of detailed workout reports after each session. What gives added precision to these Actofit workout sessions is that the software integrates with fitness wearables and tracking devices. Post-workout health reports are complemented by its real-time heart rate based leaderboard and rankings. Who doesn’t like some good old competition? In fact, Actofit’s HR gamification is used in gyms too, its precise, specific tracking gives you an expert insight into programming your workout sessions.

With all small businesses tapping onto the online estate, it is of prime importance that you have marked differences from other studios. But, that’s not possible through Zoom, every zoom class is pretty much the same and if you were to even try creating something different, it would cost you some hefty dollars which is the last thing you would want when your business is facing a crunch.

With an integrated client relationship management(CRM), you will not have to manually keep tabs, there’s no need of a third party calendar to schedule your classes or receive payments there is no limit to the number of people who can attend your class; basically, there is no end to the list of benefits that a specialized live fitness app like Actofit has, over a rather generalized meeting app like Zoom.

If all these lucrative benefits have not convinced you to start using Actofit LIVE already, there is another, even crazier one. We all have days when we just don’t want to get out of bed and work, or days when you simply cannot. For those specific days, Actofit provides workout templates.

If you ask us, it couldn’t get any better. Honestly, why would anyone use a Zoom call when Actofit offers an app that integrates all aspects of client management that you could possibly need?

From health reports to diet plans, all you need, right from an app. Oh, did we forget to mention that all this is for free? No, not the kind that claims to be “free” with hidden costs, there are no hidden costs, no payments: it is, indeed, a free fitness app.

Sounds like a dream? Click here to LIVE the dream.

Features Zoom Class ACTOFIT LIVE
Specialized Fitness Video Streaming Platform No Yes
Devices/Wearables Integrated during Live Workouts No Yes
Live Leaderboards and Rankings for your members based on Heart Rate during Class No Yes
Third Party Calendar Integration Yes No
Maximum attendees Limit of 50 No Limit
Detailed Workout Report No Yes
Integrated Member Payment Collection Portal No Yes
Video-based Workout Templates for days you don’t want to go live No Yes
Integrated Diet Templates for you to assign your Members No Yes
Integrated Client Membership Management CRM No Yes
Live Workouts Yes Yes
Pricing (Pro A/C) $15 per month Free
Member invitation Acceptance Yes Yes
Schedule classes Yes Yes


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