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8 Reasons to use a Fitness tracker

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Fitness tracker

Exercising without Fitness tracker your progress is one of the reasons why people lose inspiration or insight to exercise and the goal becomes more difficult to achieve.

Fitness trackers are of course, great for tracking progress. Knowing how far you’ve gone from the starting point is vital in order to stay motivated and to stay on the right track.

And that’s why fitness trackers are essential for anyone looking to get fit, as they keep a record of your exercise statistics, so you can always go back and check just how far you’ve come since the beginning.

1. Health | Fitness tracker

After this pandemic , health has been the most concerning factor in each and every individual’s life.

People now want to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle and keep a check on their daily activity and workouts.

Even doctors now have started to analyze the fitness band data which they incorporate to their patients in order to have more accurate reports.

2. A personal coach right on your wrist

If you are already a fitness enthusiast and want to take your stats  to the next level, fitness tracker can help you too.

With specific settings for different activities including hiking, biking, running, walking, and circuit training, a fitness tracker can track your personal bests and give you a push to run harder, bike faster, or workout at a more intense level. 

The most favoured fitness trackers for people who have already kicked off a fitness plan is EDGE HR by Actofit.

3. Motivation

People often don’t realize the reciprocity going in their body while working out which leads to lack of fitness motivation.

The motivation for fitness needs a serious boost and the best way to do it is having a fitness tracker which keeps you updated and tracked with all your daily activities and workouts.

Fitness bands by Actofit are the only bands which actually have this exceptional feature of daily motivation. You get new motivation everyday to revoke your mind about why you started!

4. Your custom-fit goals

The best way to get surpassing results from your workout is by setting achievable goals as per your convenience.

If you are determined, achieving these small targets can be your road to inspiration to keep doing this and when you feel the change that will again push you to keep doing more and more.

5. Diet Integration

 Having a diet integration which shows all the nutrient values of food you intake seems very helpful for all users.

You get nutrient values of each and every food you intake. It makes you sound about how much calories you are consuming.

This feature generally comes with expensive fitness trackers which might not be feasible for everybody but Actofit provides this feature in its mobile app for all its fitness devices, that too at a very feasible rate.

6. Heart Rate monitoring

“You have to slow the rate of your heart beat in order to have a healthy life”. If you are into your fitness program and want to know the results of efforts you are putting, keep a look at your heart rate.

Monitoring heart rate while exercising can show you if you are in a peak.

Impulse by Actofit makes it very simple to monitor your heart rate. The best part of having this is it will also show how your heart rate changed over time.

7. Guided workout

Guided Workout has a variety of exercise levels and intensities.

 You can function workouts depending on your limitation. It helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

8. Sleep monitoring

Gone are those days when labs with hooked up wires on you were the only place determining your sleep pattern.

Fitness trackers determine your sleep pattern based on your movement during sleep.

Sleep plays an important role in each individual to determine your health and lifestyle. It is vital in order to maintain the energy you need throughout your day.

Also giving your brain an adequate time to process and store everything that happened in a day prior.

Join the fitness community now !

With a fitness tracker on your wrist, you’re never alone in your crusade to get healthier.

If your plan is to have a healthier lifestyle this new year, take a look at various Actofit fitness devices.

At last it is “All about you”.


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