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How To Achieve Your Fitness Resolution?

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Fitness resolution

Fitness resolution??? It’s that time of year again… The time when we start overweening about New Year’s Fitness resolutions, and whether we should make them, which we end up before Easter.

 Perhaps it’s the gluttony from parties and family meals, or the idea of new beginnings that makes us want to change our habits.

 Or maybe it’s the amalgamation of both that create the ‘perfect storm’ for health-related resolutions.

“Your body can stand almost anything,

 It’s your mind that you have to convince.”

 Here are some proposals to achieve your fitness goals this new year:

1. Perceiving the Motivation for Fitness Resolution

There’s nothing more disheartening than feeling forced into doing something. 

Whether it’s sweating on a treadmill or eating spinach for lunch, if you don’t enjoy it then you’re unlikely to stick with it for the long-term.

The traditional gym going methods are not only an available thing to get yourself in shape.

The technology of today’s world lets you be your own trainer just need to have the correct technology with you.

Fitness bands can be your next best friend and trainer.

2.  Create a plan for Fitness Resolution 

Before you start your workout program, answer three questions.

 First, when will you exercise?

Second, what type of exercise will you do? The best type of workout is the one you enjoy. Don’t worry about what others are doing; choose an exercise that works for you.

Third, how much time will you spend exercising? Begin with as little as 10 minutes per session and steadily build up to at least 30 minutes per workout.

3.  Be Realistic

One of the biggest problems with New Year’s resolutions is they can be extremely far fetched.

 Setting goals is a great idea, but make sure they are realistic and viable

The goals should be achievable and at an every small interval of time the person should feel the change.

Instead of having one big target, try having small aims which can be completed and makes you motivated for the next one.

4.  Pre-empt the barriers

It’s predestined that you’ll face barriers along your health journey.

 You’ll get busy, sick, or unmotivated.

There’s are weeks where things don’t go your way, or you lose your mojo.

 Life is uncertain and things can get in the way of your resolutions, but that doesn’t mean they have to trip you up completely.

5.   Track your progress

Keeping a track at your workouts allows you to see the progress you’re making in other ways.

 Adapting healthy habits everyday helps you to visualize how you’re advancing towards your target.

Having a right product like Impulse tracker by Actofit makes things easy for you and  tracks your progress with high accuracy.

Such devices not only track your progress but also guide you to the proper techniques and right motivation.

You might  not always notice weight loss within a week.

 But you will notice the neat row of ticks on your progress chart with the help of Actofit app connected to your fitness device.

 Whether you track your progress with an app, fitness band, or good old schooled pen and paper, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction from seeing your digits improve. 

“You either lose your fat or your time, the choice is always yours”

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