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How to stay motivated to workout

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It seems easy to eat healthy food and hit the gym every day during the starting days of your fitness journey. 

Your motivation is at the peak and you start feeling like your dream actor pursuing his body goals and no one can stop him/her from receiving their goals.

But as you know, nobody is invincible and there will be a time where your motivation will die like the battery of your father’s old scooter. 

Sometimes even bad weather will be an enough excuse for yourself to take a break from the gym.

Staying inspired and determined towards such goals isn’t that easy what your favorite YouTuber or Instagram influencer makes it look like. 

You completely need to be yourself and know your body properly. 

Blindly following anyone may not give you results as it may work for some but not for all.

But, at the end of the day, you KNOW that breaking a sweat has the power to do everything from boosting up your confidence to lighten up your mood, and yes of course to drastically improve your healthy lifestyle.

So, before you again head out cheating yourself by not doing the workout, 

Try some of these researched and proven techniques to guide you to get to the finish line of success with constant determination

Here are some techniques which may help you:

  1. Make it a Routine cum Habit

The easiest way to make something a routine or a habit is by repeating the process daily.

 By doing such things you do daily becomes your habit and you tend to follow that habit once you get in the process. 

Our body requires different working muscles to be in peak shape which can give you a wide range of exercises and workouts for your change in daily activity of workout.

  1. Listen to fitness and motivational podcasts:

You will learn today about a term called “Temptation Building” or you may have heard about it.

 A researcher at the University of Pennsylvania came up with a thought process where they studied and found out that people listening to such things during their workout phase were able to pull it off more occasionally than the simple ones.

  1. Add an environment of competition: 

Do your gymnasiums too have software like Actofit physical training and virtual training?! 

You burn a lot of calories more when you see your friends or gym buddies working out more than you in order to overcome them.

The study suggests that by such healthy competitions you run 10 mins extra or try lifting a few pounds more.

  1. Have an ultimate playlist:

When you are doing a specific exercise like squats or chest press.

 You start gutting out after some counts and at that time the right tempo of the music will bang you to lift up those extra 5-10 counts.

Adding music irrespective of the genre will definitely help you in staying motivated throughout the session.

  1. Company of a Fit buddy:

Getting along with someone much better(in physique) than you will directly boost your determination to work out 200%. It is a very simple and effective thing which can be easily done by you. So yeah! GRAB the workout buddy Asap!!!

Make Every rep count

It’s just about the matter of a few months where you restrict yourself and workout hard, but that few months will shape your many further years.

This is a small motivation from my side.

Also here providing you with some notes which you can write and put on your walls so when you wake up, the motivation process starts from there itself.

“I’m all over this. My body is my temple. I am a beast! DON’T MESS WITH THE BEAST!”

I stay motivated by reminding myself of the energy I feel I get post-workout. No matter my mood, good or bad going into the workout.

 I always leave a workout feeling re-energized, less stressed, and happier. I like to set goals for myself (time, distance, etc), and when I reach those goals. You can’t beat that feeling I get of self-pride and accomplishment!”

Shaping my body right, shaping my health right!


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