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5 Ways to Beat Down That Lockdown Weight !

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Feeling a little heavy? Don’t like the bulk added to your belly? Destroyed all the pre-lockdown weight progress you made in taming down the extra weight?

Worry not, you aren’t alone. Almost everyone has suffered through disrupted routines through the lockdown. All thanks to haywire schedules, boredom-induced kitchen escapades, and zero movements, lockdown weight gain has been quite prominent.

Yet, with Covid making no noises of an immediate farewell, you should start focussing on how you can lose the extra kilos and get back to maintaining a healthy regime. We have jotted down 5 ways you could start getting back on track. Read on.

  1. Bottle ‘em up:

A hydrated body is a body well-treated one. Start with one or two glasses of water right after you wake up. Immediately fill in three or four bottles for the entire day and target to finish them up before you end your day. Use glasses to ensure you go through your target diligently.

  1. Jot it down:

We cannot stress how important food journals are for weight management. The moment you start writing down your food you clearly see the calories you consume throughout the day. In case carrying around a pen & paper journal seems like a task, you can consider using digital ones like Actofit App.

  1. Sweat it out:

The good old weight management companion: exercise. Weight loss requires equal attention to eating right and exercising regularly. There is simply no other alternative. If you are locked inside, try utilizing the stairs in your house. Or start walking when you can take 5 minutes between your work to walk around and come back. Start doing indoor-friendly workouts.

  1. Break them up:

Instead of consuming three large meals throughout the day, break them down into smaller portions. Eat every two hours. Ditch the fried snacks in favor of healthy munchies like nuts. Lotus seeds or fruits. This will not only ensure you aren’t overeating during three specific times in a day and starving yourselves otherwise, but it will also train your body to amp up your metabolism. It’s time you started eating smart.

  1. Stretch it out:

The key to a healthy body is a sustainable lifestyle. No matter what you do, Instagram trends most often cannot keep your body hale and hearty in the long run. So, don’t give in to fast trends. Instead, start developing habits, it might take time but these habits will last longer and will eventually become a part of your life.


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