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Change the way you Measure your Fitness


Actofit is a technology Company creating a connected ecosystem of products in the space of health, fitness and sports, with differentiated, value adding, proprietary technologies, that integrate across at a consumer level, to optimize ones fitness journey, by bringing science-backed fitness tracking analytics ecosystem accessible to the everyday consumer.

For Personal Use

Elevate your Fitness with a series of connected devices.


Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale with Complete Digital Body composition Monitor including BMI, Skeletal Muscle, Protein, Fat and an AI Health Chatbot.

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ACTOFIT cheststraps

The Actofit Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Strap is the ideal workout partner, calorie counter, identifies heart rate, and maintains session logs so you can optimize your fitness routine.

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Actofit racquet sensor is a powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker.The only tracker that identifies shots & g ive you Detailed Analytics .

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Keep a track on your heart rate round the clock with accurate heart rate sensing.

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Get your very own personal trainer and all your favourite features right on your wrist!

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Keep a check on your activities with daily steps, distances, calories tracking.

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For Business Use

Gamify your in-center/remote coaching experiences and drive Higher revenue.

group heart rate monitoring

Gamified Group Classes! Heart Rate based group training.

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smartscale enterprise

Simplify your member health database management with the Actofit Smart scale Enterprise Solution

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club management

Simplify your Operations with Actofit Engage CRM

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members app

All in One Platform and Mobile App.

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online trainer portal

A digitalized and Personalized Personal Training Platform!

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visual workouts

The future of the group workout is here!

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Blessed to be used by the best!

Don’t know which wearable is the right fit for you?

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a fitness enthusiast, your choice matters to us as it matters to you! So let’s get the best of Actofit for you!

The Actofit Ecosystem

“The perfect concoction of futuristic hardware and neoteric software”


No more step counters or in-comprehensive fitness solutions. We brings you a world with a connected ecosystem of products across sports, health and fitness, with innovative value adding proprietary technologies and state of the art hardware. To know everything about one’s fitness journey, integrated at a consumer level, so that you be on top of your fitness game ALWAYS!

Screens Showing The Actual Actofit Application

Platform should never hinder your fitness goals!


Actofit Fitness App makes it easy to access 200+ workout videos, live leaderboards, tracking of steps, calories and managing your fitness goals with timely reminders and a lot of motivation.

Download our Application to stay fit ‘on the go’.



Software Solutions

Heart rate Based group training

In-studio visual workouts sessions

Smart scale Enterprise solutions

Actofit Online Trainer Portal

Club Management Software

Actofit Digital Marketing suite

Customer Stories

After using it for a week I realised this is the activity tracker I always wanted. After using atleast 4-5 activity trackers I had almost given up on the fact that genuinely useful trackers do exist. After using my previous ones just for having a glance at the clock I decided I wanted something which could do much more than counting my steps.

Chirag Shukla

Long runs no longer seem tiring because of the optimized run strategy. I’ve never been a fan of going too hard on my cardio sessions but doing so has been fun while using the Chest Straps.

Jinni Shaikh

Actofit is the next generation wearables. It’ll allow the everyday athlete or the one in pursuit of a future career to take the information, apply it to their training and enhance their abilities like never before.

Joel Luedke

Director of Athletic Training and Sports Performance, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


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