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5 Ways to Get Healthy

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What Does Healthy Eating Mean

Whoever said Health is wealth was neither lying nor joking. With our modern day lifestyle being an unhealthy concoction of the couch potato and the workaholic, it is supremely important to look after ourselves.

Eating salad and ditching alcohol will simply not do it anymore. We need to rejig the very way we’ve started to live and revert back to the ways of our ancestors. Not the tiger skirts and moccasins part, but the enjoying life part. : P

For someone who has rather eased into the Netflix and fries at night, or office coffee through the day schedule, this might feel like an uphill task. However, fear not, we bring you the 5 the easiest ways to transform your life for the better.

 Read on.

1) Track your exercises

You’ve been sweating it out everyday for the past month, past year, or for the last five years. But, how do you know if you’re improving? Merely losing those inches might get you a beachbod, but it’ll not give you a fitbod  necessarily. Fitness is no longer about achieving the perfect size, because there isn’t any; it’s all about being healthy and jolly, and keeping yourself away from ugly, monstrous viruses.

The road to health isn’t rocket science, it’s pretty simple. We’ll tell you how. Your exercises should be all about maintaining proper heart rate, BMI, BMR, and other essential body metrics. So what you need to start doing right now is to begin tracking your exercises. See for yourself the calories you are burning, the goals you are reaching or not reaching, the muscles you need to work on and the metrics you are balancing like a pro. 

We suggest you get yourself the Dual BIA Actofit Smartscale for this purpose. It’ll give you a comprehensive health analysis (graphical progress tracking and all the shizz!!!) to get you started on your wellness journey on the right foot.

2) Maintain a diet journal:

Remember the handful of french-fries you had last week? Or the half laddu? Or that bite off a brownie? No? We thought so too.

We might be thinking we remember all that we gobble up in a day, but in reality, we don’t. All we remember are the main meals of the day, but more often than not, it is that small spoon of ice cream or that tiny snack we smuggle into our diets that throws our entire scale off balance.

A fairly easy way to rectify these blunders is maintaining a diet journal. A diet journal is basically a diary, but strictly for food. You can log in all that you eat in a day, yeah even the chocolate you snatched from your sibling (Don’t worry, we understand, chocolate is worth every fight). Most dieticians recommend this as the first step towards getting healthy, because once we start seeing what we consume, we instinctively cut down on the junk and the unnecessary snack breaks.

You can either do this manually or download the Actofit Fitness App. Digital logs have the upper hand of becoming your calorie counter, unlike a manual one. Also, a pen and paper food diary might become a tad bit awkward when you’re dining out.

3) Take Up a Sport:

Yes, workouts are great. But, playing a fun sport is even greater. As opposed to a tailored, specific routine, a sport will allow you to sweat out your calories while keeping the fun factor intact. For those who get bored by those routine exercises, for those who can’t stick to a workout regime for a long time, and even for those who can do either one or both, we recommend choosing a sport. When you hit the right choice, you’ll know: you will be hooked, engaged in a way a gym routine can never engage. It might just become your hobby!

Every sport is a holistic workout routine with exercise, goals, and entertainment integrated into it. It has been seen that people who consistently play a sport are more disciplined and have a better disposition. So, why think twice? You don’t have to be Mary Kom or Michael Phelps, you can easily practice it as a hobby.

Now since we want to optimize our games & matches to sync with our health requirements, workout tracking will come in handy. We recommend you use the Actofit Impulse Tracker to track your fitness real-time. We don’t want to sound complacent, but it is one of the best of the best workout trackers out there.

4) Rest:

Yes, resting is as important as exercising, if not more. It is essential that your body recuperates from the stress being inflicted on it. You’re working and working out, both together, so you need to lay back and let yourself breathe a moment of peace once in a while.

Taking a rest day or off day in between workout schedules is also advised, especially if you’ve just started working out.

A lazy, do-anything-you-want-day will also compliment your mental well-being. But, don’t go overboard with all that napping and cheating! You can consider getting yourself the EDGE HR which will give a sedentary alert whenever you tend to rest a bit much.

5) Maintain the schedule:

If you have started practicing all that we have advised, you have already charted out a schedule for yourself. The key to being fit and staying healthy is to maintain that schedule sincerely. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always have to be about sacrificing everything you love. It only means you have to start doing everything in moderation.

There you have it. Your 5-Step guide to a healthy transformation.

Remember, the best time to start is now and with Actofit right by your side you don’t need to worry.
Just don’t give up.

“Your limitation—it’s only your imagination”


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