Introducing Actofit Fitness Application.
Track your Workouts in real-time.

Connects with Actofit Impulse, Actofit Smartscale, Actofit Chest Strap, Apple Watch, Android Wear Watches.


The only Fitness App you need!

Use the Actofit App and dashboard to monitor activities, record & track workouts, log food, measure body composition stats, compete against friends or strangers & much more. What’s more? It connects to several different hardware, wearables to give you a 360° view of your fitness & health performance.

Smartscale Actofit
15 Body Composition Stats on Actofit Smartscale
Actofit impulse
All-day Activity & Health tracking on Actofit Impulse
Guided Workouts with Form Feedback on Actofit Edge HR

Heart Rate monitoring with Actofit
Heart Rate Monitoring with Actofit Chest Straps

Auto-detected FreeStyle & Guided Workouts with Apple Watch​
Auto-detected FreeStyle & Guided Workouts with Apple Watch
Freestyle and Guided Workouts on Android Wear Watches
Auto-detected FreeStyle & Guided Workouts with Android Watch

Download the Actofit Workout
Tracker for your SmartWatch Now!

Real Time Tracking

500+video Exercise Library

Social Leaderboard

Velocity Based Training

Historical Analysis

Granular Metrics Tracked

Custom Workouts

Exercise Specific Calorie Burn

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The Best Workout Tracker for your smartwatch!

The reason behind poor results in the gym is often not keeping a track of your workouts. While earlier, tracking workouts was painstaking, the development of workout apps has simplified the process. 

Kick Your Workouts Into Overdrive!

  • Fueling your workouts becomes easier when your Smart Watch turns into a fitness companion! The Actofit Workout App tracks workout activity on its activity tracking platform, with tools like exercise recognition and workout tracking algorithms. No need to manually log workouts anymore. Get instant form feedback with every exercise, allowing you to compare and compete. All this data is synced on your mobile app, which allows you to view your progress and make data-driven decisions turning your smart watch into your fitness companion.

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Progressing in the gym isn’t just about pushing heavier weights each session. Different workout goals need different workout plans. Workout parameters like Velocity, Force, Time Under Tension(TUT), Rest intervals are important factors which define your work output. With the Actofit Workout Tracker you are able to track various workout metrics in real time, and ensure that your reps are worth the effort!


Guided Workouts!

The Guided workout mode brings to you the best personalized workout training experience. Turn your Smart-watch into a pro trainer and coach. Select a program from the wide range of available workouts in the Workout Tracker app or customize and create your own workout based on your fitness goals.

Freestyle Mode!

In this mode the Actofit workout tracker will track your exercises, reps, heart rate, form, calories burned, and more on the fly. Actofit builds analytics while you sweat and our app gives the feedback that you need to progress and reach your goals in real-time so that you can make instant changes.

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Helping you push your limits!


Granular metrics such as force, power and velocity of each rep measured.We provide both back-end and front-end development.


Logging that happened manually is now automated and logged in the Actofit Workout Tracker App.


Analyze workout data and progress made over a period of time


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Actofit provides actionable insight into your workout for you to make data driven decisions.

Download the Actofit Workout
Tracker for your SmartWatch Now!


Exercise Detection

Our exercise tracking algorithm identifies the movements you perform. Various muscle groups and the patterns they move through are recognised by our patented tech, each movement is decoded for your convenience!

Scientific Workout Plans

Scientific Training Plans

Specific workout plans based on scientific theories such as Velocity based Training (VBT) or Percentage based Training, can be executed with the availability of data points via the Actofit Workout App. These type of training plans allows you to work your way towards a specific athletic goal achievement, progression and overload training, and can be incorporate into hypertrophy, high intensity, circuit or CrossFit Training, rather than simply relying on the weight, reps or “burn” as an indicator of your results!

Web Dashboard

The Actofit Web dashboard empowers you with the stat of every granular data of every rep your perform, at your fingertips so that information-driven decisions can be made. Data logs of all the previous workout sessions are stored in this digital platform for you to either ease out or intensify your workout routine. Analyze historic data to alter the efforts to be put in and to set limits to reach peak performance.

Custom Workouts

Don’t like a program you see? Have your own preferences? No worries, simply create your exercise program with a few clicks on the Workout App.

  • Duration Based Workouts for workouts such as planks, wall-sits (as many reps as possible)
  • Rep Based Workouts
  • Multiple Day/Weeks Programs with the option of adding Rest days
  • Minute details covered such as rest intervals, expected load during plan creation, so your Guided Workouts runs like a breeze.

Social Leaderboards

What’s better than being motivated by other gym-goers with similar goals? Join the community and get support from other members. Also, add gym buddies to compare your results and keep moving towards your fitness goals. Be it fat loss, increased endurance or muscle – building, like-minded individuals surely inspire and help you in their accomplishment!