Actofit SmartScale

Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale with Complete Digital Body composition Monitor including BMI, Skeletal Muscle, Protein, Fat and an AI Health Chatbot

  • Measures 15 body composition metrics such as Muscle Mass, Fat, Bone Mass, Protein, Water, etc.
  • Best in class Dual-frequency BIA – Increased Accuracy and Reliability over traditional analysis methods
  • Graphical analysis -When the smart scale syncs to your app, it converts your stats into trend graphs that help you learn if you are actually getting results
  • Wireless syncing – Setup the smart scale using the phones Bluetooth connection, it will then automatically sync your stats when you use it
  • Multi-user database – 16 users. Social Media / Email share option. 24-hour support at
  • Now you can connect the Actofit App via Bluetooth and Sync with other featured fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit & Healthkit Apps
  • Get a free 7.5 inch measuring tape, so that you can easily measure the muscle size and feed that information into the Actofit app and track the growth easily.
  • Contact Actofit Customer Care number +91 85305 99500 for all your queries related to Actofit Products.

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Weight2.1 kg
Dimensions31 × 31 × 2.5 cm

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Actofit Smartscale

The Best Body Composition Scale

With the Actofit Smart Scale track health vitals and progress over time, as you change your workout and diet habits. With all data at fingertips, compare results over days, weeks, and even months to analyze minute details and see actual progress. Imparting high-end body composition data with unmatched precision makes it the best body analyzer scale. Friends and family can have their stats stored separately with Multi-User Support.


Comprehensive Total Body Composition

The body analysis scale combines
14 different body composition vitals which helps to give a holistic health profile.


Innovative, Precise and brutally Honest

Track some of the essential health parameters like body weight, BMI, BMR, Body fat % & 11 other body composition parameters with the patented Dual frequency BIA Technology. This allows for the scale to have unmatched precision. 


Store the Data of your entire family

With the option to store the records for 16 members, your entire family can move ahead in their fitness journey together. Individual progress graphs for each user is recorded and with cloud backed software you don’t have to worry about losing data.

Get Started
Download the Smartscale App on your smartphone.
Connect it with the Smartscale via Bluetooth.
Create a ‘New User’ within the app.
Step on the Smartscale for a full body composition analysis.
Corresponding stats are recorded and stored upon use.
Advanced technology enables automatic
Syncing of user stats on the next use.
Manage and share historic data logs and graphically analyze your progress over-time after ending each session!

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Actofit Smart_Scale

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A number of leading reports claim that BMI alone is an inaccurate
way to measure one’s body composition and health score.


You can download the manual for the Actofit Smartscale Here

This product employs BIA (Bio-impedance Analysis) technology to have accurate and consistent measurement, please use it at the same time during the day and under the same conditions as much as possible.
Please avoid measurements-
During or immediately after strenuous exercises
Immediately after a shower, bath or sauna
With heavy alcohol consumption
During or immediately after engorgement
During fever
During the Measurement, please be barefoot first and stand straight. Wearing socks you will not have accurate results. Dirty feet may also effect measurement accuracy.
Do not use if you have a pacemaker or artificial lung, or wear an ECG, or any other medical device.
Do not use if you are pregnant
This model of Actofit smart scale is not intended to use for children under the age of 18
Actofit smart scales should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition.
Always consult your physician or medical professionals to determine what is ideal for you
For any questions or queries you can message us at


Additional information

Weight2.1 kg
Dimensions31 × 31 × 2.5 cm