7 months ago

How can we stay Fit during Corona-Virus Pandemics

We all know regular workout helps us to stay in great shape boost our immune system. This could not be highlighted anymore, when common cold, malaria or the epic pandemic of COVID-19 VIRUS also known as Corona-virus has stopped life as we know it.However, this doesn’t mean hitting the Gyms is the best course of...

9 months ago
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Dance Your Way To A Healthier Lifestyle

Dance your way to a healthier lifestyle Another year and the same resolutions. We are back to square one. Nevertheless, 365 days 365 opportunities right? So this 2019, The most important lesson I have learned is to follow what you love. like my resolution of 2018 was to lose weight and I’m still struggling with...

9 months ago
Commit to be fit !

New Year Resolution

Many of us set the movement at the start of the New Year, by pledging to big life changes. “I’ll make time for family”, “I’ll preserve more” or “I’ll get back in fitness by losing those additional kilos” are some of the promises we do. The most popular New Year commitments we make are losing...

9 months ago

Stay Smarter Stay Fitter.

All have been traveling back home to spend time with their loved ones. They are the best time of the year! Cold mornings with hot chocolate, good food and ending your night some wine. Catching up with friends, going to parties, more food just having the best time of your life. Unfortunately, this can be...

9 months ago

Upgrade your life with your Resolutions.

Resolutions, Resolution, Resolutions. The most familiar term you get to hear at the end of every year. Been there done that, right?! This is what people fail at realizing ‘ why didn’t it work?’ Why weren’t you consistent about that particular change.   Believe it or not, the following resolutions are the most common resolution- ...

10 months ago
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Workout Essentials

While gearing up for your workouts, you don’t need to be pulled down by unfit clothing or tight shoes, do you? Keeping up with workouts every day is already a task in itself and while gearing up for it, you don’t want to be pulled down by unfit clothing or tight shoes, do you? I’ve...