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How exactly does Actofit Fitness tracker work?

How exactly does Actofit Fitness tracker work?

We truly believe Actofit is going to be a game-changer for the way workouts are tracked and analysed.

Tracking of exercises create awareness. Currently, members log their workouts on a clipboard or a mobile app manually. It's helps define the cause of progression or lack of it.

With Actofit’s activity identification platform, more than 75 exercises are recognized automatically; reps and sets counted, heart rate measured, exercise specific calorie burn calculated. Logging that happened on paper, is now automated with data science.

This allows us to evaluate what’s working vs. whats not; where we are against where we want to be.
We understand every individual movement is unique. Not only do Actofit trackers identify pre-trained exercise movements, they also allow users to customize and build their own database. Our machine learning algorithms adapt themselves to your individual patterns and track your sessions based on your form.

The gym industry and its use of technology is traditionally very rudimentary. As wearable technology clashes with the old fashioned side of the gym, there is an opportunity to extract value. Velocity output helps dictate how much load you should be adding or removing on a particular set, or if you should move on and try a new exercise altogether; using the measurement of the bar speed and work to understand the force production. Velocity Based Training takes the guesswork out of your training and is being increasingly used by more and more trainers off late. At Actofit, we are working on measuring set by set change in force, velocity and total work output of every session.

Nature has blessed us with amazing bodies. A majority of us want to exercise, yet only 3% of the global adult population are documented gym members and more than 50% of the gym members are not regular. Technology has started playing such a pivotal role in influencing our generation, right from having kids play more Wii than real sports, or most of us more active with friends virtually than in reality. Then why can’t we use some technology to get more users to go to the gym and more importantly go back for the next session and optimize their training and enhance their experience. With Actofit, we will make that positive impact and bridge the gap between gyms and wearables.