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Too Busy to workout? Here’s a 15 minute full body workout to help you stay fit!

Too Busy to workout? Here’s a 15 minute full body workout to help you stay fit!

The biggest consideration for the working professionals when it comes to fitness is TIME. It becomes tough balancing between busy life and keeping fit. However it’s also true that exercising daily will boost your energy levels, keep you fit and also increase your endurance which will ultimately increase your efficiency at work. And what if we tell you that you just need

15 minutes of your day and no-equipments to get there? So, Here’s a short-time-high-intensity workout for all the busy bugs out there.

Do’s and Don’ts of Muscle building!

Do’s and Don’ts of Muscle building!
Strong muscles add a lot of benefits to your daily life activities. Over the past several decades, exercise science researchers have discovered three basic mechanisms for growing muscle: 1) mechanical tension, 2) muscle damage and 3) metabolic stress (Schoenfeld, 2010). An incorrect training program will do more harm than good, So, here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts to consider when it comes to muscle building.

Workout Tip: Get rid of that mirror, right now!

Workout Tip: Get rid of that mirror, right now!
Discipline, Persistence, Hard-Work. We all know that’s all that is needed to achieve the dream. However, most of us stop somewhere between the goal and the starting point. It is the same with our fitness workout too.


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^ "Don't be this guy" ^


What stops us from achieving our fitness goals? No, it’s not the lack of time or resources. Did you know, an average person spends close to 80 minutes on Facebook every day. We all have the time, we all have the resources. Our exhaustive research on fitness goals reveals something truly startling, the single most important factor that stops us from transforming into our dream body is that we just don’t see the results quick enough. After a rigorous workout in the gym, your mind knows exactly how much you pushed through.

The Mirror, however, just doesn’t have any respect for that. The results never show up in that darn mirror! Those muscles just won’t bump out, that tummy just won’t stick in, that jaw just won’t get in line! Day after day after day and that tummy still looks nearly as large in the mirror. This is what makes people stop going to the gym completely. You get demotivated - at not seeing any results, at not seeing any visible change.
So get rid of that Mirror - It will keep showing you that tummy.


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^ Relateable isn't it ^
And get rid of that Generic Weighing Scale - It’s never going to respect the crazy fat burn you’ve done that day. To stay focused and consistent in your fitness workouts, you HAVE to see the smallest progress. You HAVE to feel that encouragement, the feeling that you’re getting there!


Sensors, Fitness devices, Smart Weighing scales; these are your only true friends in your fitness journey. They know you, they see you better and they show you the smallest progress, every time. They notice those minor bumps and the small cuts. They tell you how much fat you killed that day. It's these small improvements that ultimately add up to the new you - the You that the Mirror finally learns to respect.Success pulls more success - You won’t get to the inches before you can see the millimeters!


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