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Why Actofit is a true fitness tracker?

Why Actofit is a true fitness tracker?

Ever wondered why fitness trackers are called fitness trackers if they can't track fitness inside the gym or the crossfit studios?

10k steps is an inaccurate way to measure fitness as not all exercises involve steps. We envisioned a product that moved beyond step counts.

With Actofit we decided we wanted to track relevant metrics around workouts. Actofit auto-identifies 75+ exercises, counts reps, evaluates form using force, power and velocity; measures continuous heart rate and exercise specific calorie burn. Just imagine having all this data after a workout.

Now imagine all this data, that you never had before, over a period of a few weeks or months; right in front of you; ready to be compared, evaluated and made data-driven decisions over.

This allows you to evaluate what's working vs whats not; where you are against where you want to be. This is Actofit; a fitness tracker as innovative and versatile as you would come across.

Actofit still does everything that top of the line fitness trackers do such as sleep tracking, step counting, call/text alerts, connected GPS and so much more.