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Coach Connect

Connect with coach
Connect with coach

Actofit’s revolutionary LIVE workout app brings the finest of the fitness world to your home. Workout under the live guidance of expert trainers with real-time leaderboards to keep you motivated through healthy competition. Get detailed health reports after every workout and see how you fare in every session.

  • With our timely reminders, you don’t run the risk of missing out any session.
  • Allows you to workout with friends.
  •  With after workout reports, you know exactly where you need to improve.
  • Our Live Leaderboard ranks your performance during the workout against other participants. .


Connect with coach

With Actofit’s Coach Connect have your Fitness Trainer be part of your Fitness journey every step of the way. Have an expert keep track and make smarter decisions based on your fitness logs, progress charts, diet intake and improve the way you workout and strive for a fitter self. And all of this can be done remotely, by your favourite Coach, based on your performance. Digitalize your Personal Training experience.

Connect with coach


Connect with coach

In for a workout session tomorrow? Or feel like exercising in half an hour? With our user-friendly UI, navigate easily through the app to select a workout of your choice and schedule it at a time of your choice.


Connect with coach

The Actofit App integrates with all fitness wearables to track your progress which is reflected on a real-time Leaderboard so both your coach and you have an insight into the areas that require improvement. Compare your logs to see your improvement and remain motivated throughout your gruelling workout sessions.

Connect with coach

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