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CRM Virtual & Studio

Efficient Member Management.


It provides a number of management tools to fulfill all your business needs, thus enhancing customer experience and simplifying your business operations.

CRM ensures you don’t have to worry about the payments, scheduling, attendance etc and only focus on the growth of your business. We also offer a customization of the software based on your needs to make it more efficient for you.




With our systematic and dependable payment management service, keep track of all member payment and membership plans, installment dates and organize your business efficiently.

Offer your customers simplicity, comfort and security by accepting credit and debit cards of all major organisations.Let customers pay in 150+ currencies and receive remittances.

Track your expenses along with the payments. Make it easy for staff to enter expenses and stay on top of your records.

Actofit CRM will take care of all your invoicing and billing needs through its efficient software.

We believe in flexibility. Allow your clients the freedom and ease to pay by the classes they attend.

Keep an expert eye on all your  finances and business requirements with complete clarity on your sales,taxes and cash flow.



Actofit CRM tackles all facets of member experience and offers a self-workable Point of Sale portal for members’ direct access.

Make and receive calls easily with Actofit CRM.

Retain members and renew subscriptions seamlessly.

Keep track of future members so you can focus on your marketing and sales efforts.

Maintain easy communication with your members and keep them updated with scheduling and promotional notifications.

Allow your members the freedom to book facilities and zones online, with only a click.

Let your clients purchase memberships, session credits, services and goods, all through your website.



Scientifically recorded metrics helps you create research based fitness plans. Actofit’s wearable integrated software makes fitness more target specific.

Actofit Smartscale tracks 15 essential body composition metrics so you don’t have to guess your members’ progress anymore.

Track workouts systematically with the integrated Club Heart Rate Monitor and tailor routines accordingly.

Manage your large groups by letting your virtual trainer train for you.

Your members can have access to their individual data through the integrated Actofit Fitness Apps.


Coach Platform-min

Assign customized nutrition schedules and workout routines to each member. You have complete freedom to track and assign your members’ tasks.

Assign diets customized for every member based on their targets and stats from the gamut of templates in place.

Tailor and allot workout routines to each member.

Enjoy hassle free attendance monitoring of all members.

Coach Platform-min



We make you our priority so that you can make your members YOUR priority. View enrollments, membership charts, sales growth, attendance reports backed up securely.

All the data you obtain is securely backed up on a  cloud software for easy access.

Divide and assign roles to every employee to run your gym smoothly.


Actofit CRM is aimed at creating a holistic wellness experience, led by you. Build feeds, leaderboards, newsletters and usher in a healthy community for all your members.

Keep your members engaged with our heart rate based leaderboards.

Build a feeling of community and let your members bond over their progress and updates through the feed.


Send newsletters to keep your members updated with the recent trends in health & wellness.

Get our SAAS addon!
Increase member retention & engagement.

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