Web dashboard:

  • Tracks your entire workouts

  • Provides granular Metrics

  • Available on iOS and Android

  • Muscle wise date breakdown

  • Analyses performance over weeks and months

  • Analytics over what’s working and what’s not

ACTOFIT Personal Training

Gym Instructor software: Tailored for Fitness Clubs

  • Go paperless with digitized client list where details are securely backed up in the cloud.
  • Deliver a personalized experience for every individual member.
  • Offer your members a custom member app.
  • Monitor all your essential business metrics from a single portal.
  • Create a seamless guided workout experience for all your members.


Industrial wearable for workers safety and workout location tracking:

  • Tracking workers’ location in real-time
  • Tracking activities performed by workers
  • Ensuring workers safety by tracking workers movements
ACTOFIT Group X Gamification

Group Class Engagement via Heart Rate:

Group class engagement via heart rate, helping members be more aware and train more effectively by keeping them in the right heart rate zone. It provides members with a sense of competition which pushes them to collectively meet their fitness goals.

Group Class batch Creation & Management:

Gyms can create batches for group fitness sessions and keep a track of members’ workouts and heart rates.


White labeled/ co-branded member applications:

Extend the fun for your members outside of the gym. Create a rich experience for various partner profiles around fitness, health(including commercial gyms, corporate gyms, trainers.

Body Composition Solution for Businesses:

Actofit Smartscale Enterprise app is best suited for dieticians, nutritionist, health clinics, gyms and fitness clubs, wherein database management becomes an uphill task due to more and more people turning up every day. Now, create, store, organize and manage data points on your device for endless users, all within our app.

actofit smartscale enterprise solution
ACTOFIT Health Pharma

Health Assessment for Pharma Companies:

Expand your business in the digital space with the white labelled application with your customized logo

  • Company’s dashboard
  • Doctors app,
  • Patient’s app