Group Fitness Pulse

Group Fitness Pulse

Group Fitness - Pulse


  • Group Classes heart rate-based training
  • Create Batches for Group Fitness Sessions
  • Makes members aware of their fitness levels in real-time
  • Helps them train more effectively by keeping them in the right heart rate zone
  • Generates real-time intensity, effort and calorie scores
  • Provides members with a sense of competition
  • Pushes them to collectively meet their fitness goals & outscore each other
  • Download the Application on any Android 5.1 OS or higher to try it out free for a week
  • Contact Actofit Customer Care number +91 85305 99500 for all your queries related to Actofit Products.

Group Training On The Rise!

  • Ranked #2 in the 2018 list of fastest growing trends in the fitness industry by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).
  •  IHRSA (2018) reveals that 27% of members engage in group training.
  • Group classes are a huge trend with 22% of members renewing their membership just to keep attending fitness classes (IBIS World)
  • The Actofit Group Engagement Solution with Heart Rate based training goes along with various exercise forms like Zumba, Spinning, Les Mills, Aerobics, CrossFit, HIIT, etc. This allows you to electrify different group activities!

Why HR Monitoring Software For Groups?

Actofit brings heart rate based training to group classes. This provides fitness studios the ability to monitor heart rate for group batch members together and make the sessions more fun and engaging. Gamifies live session and ends every class with leaderboards. All workout data also integrates into members apps at the end of every class. This allows fitness clubs to push their members harder, keep track of everyone together and impart better quality training by encouraging members to stay within heart rate zones most apt for their target goals! With every member keeping up his/her pace, there’s no room to slack, improving the group fitness level as a whole!

Value To Fitness Clubs

  • Provide a Premium Training Experience that is sure to boost membership retention and attract new members
  • Leaderboard stats tracking creates
    friendly competition that results in a massive boost to member retention & loyalty.
  • Seamless Class Booking

Value To Club Members

  • Data driven programs assessment to empower individuals to pursue safe and healthy active lifestyles.
  • Increase group member accountability and motivation through gamification of various exercise routines.
  • Every class workout logs emailed and indepth-details on member apps.

Value To Trainers

  • With feedback on the intensity of their class, trainers can follow everyone’s progress and engage them accordingly.
  • Real-time data helps trainers makes sure every participant rides the same boat towards a Healthy life.

Pulses : Because Everyone Loves Competition

Actofit Elasticized Fabric Chest Strap

Real-time Tracking

Encourage members to try harder and stay motivated with live heart rate tracking

Actofit Elasticized Fabric Chest Strap


Encourage competition and get your group members competing against themselves and each other.

Actofit Elasticized Fabric Chest Strap


Evaluate member progress and rankings. Motivate members to out-perform each other for bragging rights.

Actofit Elasticized Fabric Chest Strap

Effortless Installation

Simple and minimal Set-up procedure enabling easy integration into your group fitness programs.

Actofit Elasticized Fabric Chest Strap

Individual Data Logs : Historic

Help members keep track of their progress and feel more involved with workout summary uploaded to their apps!

Actofit Elasticized Fabric Chest Strap

Aplification of Participants

Up to 40 users supported in a single Session.

Actofit Elasticized Fabric Chest Strap

Scheduling & Management

  • Batch Creation with calendar, trainer, activity and member scheduler
  • Electronic Rosters allowing instructors to simply handout assigned devices to allow
    seamless repeat use of devices in consecutive class.
  • Members manage scheduling (booking, cancellation) over Member Apps and be reminded of the next class.
Actofit Elasticized Fabric Chest Strap

Group Overview In A Single Screen

  • Adjust grid sizes based on number of members (9~30 members)
  • Tap on any members view and see the data of the whole session
  • Toggle between Heart Rate, Intensity, Effort Score or Calorie burn
  • Use MHR based colour-coded zones to monitor entire class at a glance.
  • Encourage sub-optimal training members to increase their intensity; while asking those who are stressing themselves out to relax!

The Working

Our team will evaluate, identify and deploy the most convenient connectivity flow!

Try It Out Free For A Week!

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