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Guided Workouts

Video Workouts

The Guided Workout mode brings you the best personalized workout training experience. Turn your wearable into a pro trainer and coach. With a collection of workout videos curated by an expert team of trainers, you can exercise from the comfort of your home by simply following a ready-made video programme.

Guided workouts

Recommended AI Programmes

Guided workouts

Have Actofit’s AI Integrated software recommend you the best workout programme to achieve your fitness needs. Just log in your health stats and goals, and our smart algorithm will suggest a programme that is especially suited to your fitness journey.


Guided workouts

This way you can focus only on the areas which require improvement. With the Custom Workouts feature, you can make

  • Duration Based Workouts for workouts such as planks, wall-sits (as many reps as possible)
  • Rep Based Workouts
  • Multiple Day/Weeks Programs with the option of adding Rest days.
Guided workouts

Workout Tracking Options on the Actofit Platform

Guided workouts

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