Heart rate monitoring: Heart-rate tracking with precise heart rate zone analysis. It maintains and stores a log of all your workout sessions.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for body composition tracking/ Smartscale: Bioelectrical impedance for full body analysis which includes body fat, body water, BMI, muscle mass, etc.

ACTOFIT Diet Tracker

Diet/Food tracking Portal: Get personalized diet recommendations where you can track your diet and exercises accordingly.

AI Chatbot for Health & Fitness Q&A  Hello! I’m ActoBot! I will be your Personalised Health Coach!: ActoBot is an AI automated Chatbot that provides you recommendations based on your lifestyle, your body parameters and changes that could lead to improved results for yourself. Ask it anything you want, or let it recommend changes! Cut down your Body Fat, Calories and increase your BMR and Protein with useful suggestions from the ActoBot!


Workout builder: This is a unique feature where members/consumers can build their own workouts allowing them to customize their exercises without any restrictions, to help them achieve their personalized fitness goals.