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How to increase member retention rates?

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Would it be paradise if you would create your routines, upload them, and let them reach your widest audience on its own? If you would see your routines  (and not the virus) creating waves. This would naturally lead to higher hits on your coach profile, which would lead to more members, which would ideally lead to higher member retention.

Ah. Paradise indeed. 

You may not get paradise but we can help you create a system that will help you retain members in the long run. Online training is difficult as it is, managing an online business? Even tougher. What can become your saving grace or your biggest boon is creating a channel of recurring clients. This would ensure a peace of mind like none else. 

But how to? It isn’t easy by any means, yet a proper system can make the process fairly simple. We’ll give you a rundown.

  1. Make them SUBSCRIBE:

If you’re thinking of selling your entire schedule at once you’re aiming too high, too soon. If you’re only charging by the class, you’re aiming too low, too late. Find the perfect balance by creating subscription channels.

Offer them demo classes so your members find their niche. Once they do that, they’ll feel compelled to subscribe to your routine to keep working out with you.

One thing which you should remember while creating your routine is to maintain regularity. Let your members know it’s a schedule worth investing in. One that will stay with them through the week and not pop in and pop out at odd times.

  1. Video it right:

Imagine this: you are stuck in a no-power zone, your device battery’s dead, you have no connection. But you had a class to shoot. You miss it.

Or this: your member works two jobs, or is a new parent cradling a baby and missed their classes twice now.

In such situations, your members will not be excited to continue their subscription. How do you prevent that?

Easy. Create a library.

A video library of your routines can become your busy members’ best friend. Not to mention, you could add access to this exclusive library as an additional perk to buying your subscription!

With Actofit’s personal training portal suite you will now be able to upload a full stack of routines to create your own workout library. Easy to use. Easy to access.

  1. Deals, deals, deals:

There ain’t no good thing like a good deal. Create secret deals and offer attractive discounts from time to time. See those subscription rates booming.

 With hidden subscriptions, you can ensure great retention rates too. Creating good offers for your clients is as important as creating great routines. Offer bulk offers. For example, 20% off on weekly subscription, 30% on monthly and 50% on yearly.

To top all of that, you need to make sure your message reaches your members. Weave these messages into your classes. Announce the offer closing dates. And, make sure you put it across on all social media platforms. The easiest place to market now is on your social media handles!


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