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How to win Acto Coins?

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Yes yes yes! WE CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!

Actofit’s exciting fitness programme is a blessing for our millennial souls. Scratch that. It is a blessing for every soul. From those you want holistic well-being, to those who want to go all in on a cheat day, from those who want to consult a doctor to those want to book the latest comedy show online, from those who want to laze around in a face mask to those who want to reserve a flight ticket, Actofit Rewards covers it all.

One space to get healthy AND get discounts on every essential. Sounds to good to be true? Actofit usually is. 😛

Let’s break the process down so we can get to all these at the earliest.

You have downloaded the Actofit Fitness App. If you own the Actofit Smartscales, then you have the Actofit Smartscale App. (If you still haven’t, what are you waiting for? Quick, download now.)

You register on the app. You immediately earn your first coin bag. Now that you have that bag of coins, how do you a) keep earning more coins, and b) how do you use these coins?

If you’re using the Actofit Fitness App, here’s your guide:

Register/Sign-Up to get 1000 coins. Already a user but returning after a long break? You get coins too.

Booked your first class? Get 500 coins.

From now, for every tenth class booking you will get 500 more coins. For each booking.

Did you just attend your first session? Received your workout report after it? You’re in luck! For every calorie you burn you earn yourself a coin. Working out? Yes, stretch your arms wider and jump higher.

Hmm… so you completed a week’s worth of workout? Wait, you also ranked first on the Weekly leaderboard? Woohooooo… 5000 coins incoming!

Didn’t rank  first? Within Top 5? Don’t worry, better luck next time. For now though, you get 2000 coins. Not bad, huh?

Wait wait, you’re reigning the Winner’s position for the monthly leaderboard? 10,000 coins going your way real soon!

Didn’t make it to the top slot but within the top 5 this month? We have 5000 coins for you too.

Well, now you got ‘em coins but what to do with them?

 For every 1000, 5000 or 10000 coins that you earn, Actofit has a gift for you. Head over to the Rewards section to claim a coupon code to your liking buy cashing in your coin pouch and use the code to earn your reward. As simple as that.

If you’re using the Actofit Smartscale App, then this is your game here:

Pretty much like a Fitness App User, sign up/sign in earns you 140 coins.

Henceforth, everytime you step on to the scale you can earn more coins:

First time taking a reading? 100 coins into your bag.

10 threading? 100 more. For every tenth after your first reading, you get 100 coins. Yes, every time. 10th, 20th, 30th… it goes like that.

Did you just lose body fat? Yes, champ. We know you could do it! That’s why we give you 1 coin for every 1 percent of body fat you lose. The higher you lose, the greater your earnings.

Monthly leaderboards in. Did you rank first? Transferring 140 coins into your account.

Not first but within Top 5? Don’t lose heart and check those 140 coins we sent into your account too!

There you have it. Your guide to earning while sweating. Getting healthy never seemed sweeter, right? So many offers, so many coupons, all at your service. All waiting for you to hop on and start exercising to get rich. No need to miss out on what is right in front of you

C’mon, go get to it!


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