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  • All day Activity, Auto Sleep. Activity tracker that gives you real-time data about your heart-rate, steps, distance, calories burned and sleep time.
  • Guided Workouts via App
  • 24h Auto Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Direct USB Charging
  • Bluetooth Syncing, Calls, Texts, Notifcations, Call Rejections
  • Special Group Training Mode with Heart Rate based Fitness Training via Beacon Mode Connectivity
  • Weather Forecast, Smart Light Sensor
  • Replaceable Straps
  • Analyse your workouts – Impulse can be paired with our app to give you a complete analysis of your workout session including your peak heart-rate, minimum heart-rate, average heart-rate, calories burned and time spent in each heart-rate zone with accurate graphs and values.

Impulsive Benefits

Fitness Tracking

Know exactly how active you’ve been throughout the day. Get accurate statistics on the number of hours you sleep, the steps you take, and the distance you cover each day, every day.

Workout Tracking

Whether you’re pumping iron at the gym or out for a run, get insights of all your training sessions like reps performed, calories burned, heart rate and much more right on your wrist with Impulse’s workout tracking feature.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Your heart-rate plays a pivotal role in determining the number of calories you burn in a day. Keep a tab on your heart-rate throughout the day with our accurate heart-rate monitoring system.

All-Day Heart Rate Tracking

Keep a track on your heart rate round the clock with Impulse’s accurate heart rate sensor.

Heart Rate Zone Analysis

Get the most out of your workouts by planning how much time you need to spend in each of the heart-rate zones.

App Pairing

Now take your personal trainer with you
wherever you go. Pair Impulse with our heart-rate monitoring app to get insights like time spent in each heart-rate zone, calories burned, peak heart-rate, average heart-rate throughout the session and much more.

Impulsively Embedded Features

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension: 49x19x10mm
  • Band Material: TPU High Grade
  • Button: Brass
  • Bluetooth: BLE4.2
  • IP Rate: IP67 Waterproof
  • Display: 0.96inch, OLED Screen
  • Control Mode: Full Touch Screen
  • Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

Additional Information


Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 8.5 × 3 cm
Colour:Black, Red, Blue

How To Connect

  1. Download the Actofit Health & Workouts Application from the app store or play store & connect the device.
  2. Your Actofit Impulse will automatically synchronize all the activities in the app.
  3. For any sports/running workouts, turn on Offline Workouts on the Band and sync it later with the phone.
  4. For Guided Workouts, turn on Connected Workouts on the band & allow it to sync with the phone app in real time.
  5. For Group Workouts, with multiple people working out together, turn on the Group Workouts to put in beacon mode.

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