Actofit ImPulse Workout Tracker

Your very own personal trainer and all your favorite features right on your wrist

Upto 7 days Battery back-up

IPS 67 Water resistant

Real Time Auto Activity Tracker

Auto Sleep Monitoring

Get all Notification


IP 67 Rating

IP 67 water resistant standard ensures that Actofit Edge fitness band remain sweat proof and splash proof.

All Day Activity

Keep a check on your activities with daily steps, distances, calories tracking.

Long Battery Life

Wear your fitband for 5-7 days without charging hassles and you can plug your Edge directly into USB slot directly to charge it.


Fitness Tracking
Know exactly how active you’ve been throughout the day.
Get accurate statistics on the number of hours you sleep,
the steps you take, and the distance you cover each day, every day.
Heart Rate Monitoring
Your heart-rate plays a pivotal role in determining the number
of calories you burn in a day. Keep a tab on your heart-rate
throughout the day with our accurate heart-rate monitoring system.
Heart Rate Zone Analysis
Get the most out of your workouts by planning how
much time you need to spend in each of the heart-rate zones.