Actofit online trainer portal

Online Trainer Portal

trainer portal

Easily assign workout plans to every member according to their body type and goals and check if they’re doing the guided workouts correctly by analyzing their progress charts.


Search for any member’s name to instantly retrieve all the data starting from contact number, email id, and even their goals listed on the account. Track each client’s progress and access it right from the member list.


Enjoy the privilege of remotely viewing and monitoring assigned members through Online Trainer Portal. Monitor the exercises done by the clients in detail. This makes the member feel he’s not alone into this and you got his back!

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    Track your sales and revenue, member attendance, member retention levels, and much more. Analyze the trends and use what you learn to modify your business plans for higher revenue.Describe your home online and get appraisal in 3 minutes

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    Build your brand
    Let the world know what makes your gym or club unique with a Custom Branded Fitness App. Our technology, Your name on it.

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    Create Training Programs
    Build organized fitness journeys for individuals with pre-scheduled workouts featuring high-quality videos that your members can directly view on their mobile phones.

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    Easy Scaling
    The application will easily be able to manage your ever-growing business. Easily add or remove members to member list for notifying them.

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    One-click creation and management of schedules to ease out the tedious manual paperwork process. Easily customize your existing schedules by adding or removing members.

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    Easy Payments
    An integrated payment experience using the Actofit CRM Engage lets you collect recurring and one-time payments, manage members, and deliver fitness programs—whether you train online, in person, or both.


Tailored for Efficient Trainers

Get a Digital Platform to connect with your clients.

Securely backup client lists and their details on the cloud.

Online Trainer Portal helps you monitor every client’s progress from a single portal.

Go paperless with every session logged digitally.

Deliver a personalized experience for every individual member.

Offer your members a custom member app.

Monitor all your essential business metrics from a single portal.

Create a seamless guided workout experience for all your members.

Integrations with other Actofit solutions

Easy integration to Actofit Engage, Smartscale enterprise Solution, Group Heart-rate Software for making payments, viewing health records, and conducting group workouts, viewing membership period and renewals.
Easy integration with the Actofit smartscale, Impulse, Chest straps, and other apple/android watches for a seamless guided workout experience. Track not only the workouts but also body composition, daily activities, calories, and sleep.