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Actofit Workout tracking app turns your smart watch into your fitness companion and maximizes the output of your workout without you having to go through the trouble of logging and entering each detail about every exercise additionally it also tracks and logs granular metrics such as peak force power and velocity for every rep of your every set.
All this data is synced on your mobile app, which allows you to view your progression and make better data driven decisions.
 Auto_tracking Auto Tracking Exercises: Using machine learning algorithms, the Actofit app tracks your motion in 3D to identify your exercise.
Personalized Tracking that caters to your form:The Actofit app records and tracks your personal form to give you results tailored to your form
Calorie_burn Exercise specific calorie burn*:Know your calorie burn for each exercise individually as compared to the entire session. *Computed over smartwatch based heart rate. 
SmartWatch Heart Rate integration: Actofit wear app continuously monitors your heart-rate while working, so you know when the intensity is too much or too less
Historical_analysis Historical Analysis:View session logs over a period of time to compare, measure and evaluate progress.
Auto logging: Logging that happened manually is now automated and logged in the Actofit android wear app and Actofit mobile app.
Post Session Syncing: You don’t need to carry your phone with you while working out. The data syncs wirelessly after your workout session.
Force, Power, Velocity Tracking: The Actofit app provides actionable insight into your workout for you to make data driven decisions.
The Actofit Workout tracking app tracks more than 45 different exercises to optimize your workout. 
In case you need any clarifications or have any queries/grievances, please do write to us at support@actofit.com
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-The app gets confused sometimes when the user performs exercises with similar form.
-Calories burnt are an estimation, they are not for clinical use.
-This application can track only those exercises which involve hand movements
-This app will only work with android wear devices having accelerometer, gyroscope sensor and heart rate
-Actofit is not responsible for the accuracy of heart rate data as it's derived from the android wear heart rate sensor
-The accuracy of exercise identification may get deteriorated if the session exercise form is different than the recorded exercise form
-The accuracy may deteriorate at higher weights as there can be variations in exercise form when a person is lifting heavy weights.
-For the correct exercise identification during the exercise session, the placement of the smart watch must be same as it was at the time of exercise recording.
-The accuracy of the exercise identification and derived parameter depends on the battery level of your smart watch. the lower battery level may give you lower accuracy
-User must add lifted weights manually to receive values of derived parameters ie Force, Velocity, Power and one rep max