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top indian fitness chains
top indian fitness chains

Gamified Group Classes! Heart Rate based group training.

gamification at gyms
  • Create Batches For Group Fitness Sessions
  • Add up to 40 members in a single batch
  • Track Heart - Rate, Heart Rate Zones and Calorie Burns in Real-time
  • Seamless transmission from the sensors to the display screens
  • View leaderboards to see who’s performing the best and share the data with members!
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Better Health Assessment! Body Composition Monitoring

smart scale health assessment at gyms

Simplify your member health database management with the Actofit Smartscale Enterprise Solution

  • Track 14 body metrics like muscle mass, bone mass, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat etc.
  • Maintain all member historical data log so that you can have a systematic record of their progression.
  • Automatic data backup so you never lose the data or your client.
  • Share reports with clients anytime, anywhere!
  • Integrates directly or with any CRM software for easier software setup.
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Never seen before Fitness Tracking! Workout Builder, Form-Feedback and Workout Logs.

fitness tracking via rise smartwatches
  • Track Force, Velocity, Power, Time Under Tension(TUT), Range of Motion(RoM) etc of each rep performed.
  • Get Workout assistance with customised workouts and an exercise library featuring over 100+ exercise videos and 100+ workout routines.
  • Track Calorie Burn and Heart Rate While Performing the movements. The Exercise Specific Calorie Burn tells you how many calories you’re burning according to the exercise you’re performing.
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Branded Member Apps! Hook your Members on and off the field.

cobranded gym member apps
Most of the people seldom use their gym apps. The reason being that they find it dull and not interesting enough. Create a more interactive experience with your clients, with the cobranded Member Mobile App from Actofit to provides the service of creating your own Co - Branded Member App with Us! It makes the gym app usage more fun and also keeps them updated with their progress & fitness data. All the records on the Actofit Club Software can easily be accessed by clients and they can constantly track and improvise on the data to get desired results.
With each aspect of fitness taken care of, you just need to relax and let loose as the comprehensive Actofit fitness solution takes care of everything! Handling a fitness center, clinic or healthcare organisation can be challenging, hence, Actofit provides a complete solution for all your club management solutions.
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