Coaches behind Actofit

Meet our team of fitness and diet coaches, all of whom are dedicated to helping you reach your health and wellness goals.

Rudranshi Sharma

Rudranshi received her degree from Asia's top physical education college, Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education. She has participated in competitions at the All India University level as a professional weightlifter and powerlifter. She transformed Physique level 1 and level 2 from Teamboss fitness academy. In addition, Rudranshi is a skilled volleyball player who has participated in national competitions.

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is NASM certified fitness coach and metabolic health coach with a background in engineering. Ujjwal specializes in weight management, lifestyle modification, and strength and conditioning. He has experience working with special populations such as those with diabetes, cholesterol/thyroid or any other lifestyle-related conditions.

Dr. Ketan L. Pakhale

Dr Ketan L. Pakhale has been awarded the “International Innovative Researcher Award” for his contributions to the field of healthcare by World Research Council & United Medical council. As an accredited member of the world research council, his methodology not just takes care of your physical body but also supplements it with the right frame of mind to maintain a healthy life.

Dr Ketan has earned his fellowship in Obesity, Diabetology & Endocrinology from NHS - UK and another fellowship for obesity and the metabolic syndrome from Pune. He’s finishing his PhD in metabolic Disorder

Dr. Rahul Vijay Pendse

A Medical Doctor/Martial Artist/Avid Sportsman with over 30 years of experience/education/training & consulting in the fields of Medicine, Ayurveda Preventive Health Care, Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Martial Arts, Sports Conditioning, Functional Rehab, Fitness Education, Medical-Fitness & Sports Nutrition & Yoga.

Has guided many athletes in different sports to achieve excellence at various levels and regularly consults on Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Obesity & other Lifestyle Disorders, Exercise & Sports Medicine.