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What inspires people to get fit? Everyone has a story – we believe in sharing it. Read on to discover how Actofit motivates them in their fitness journeys.

I’ve never been a fan of going too hard on
my cardio sessions but doing so has been fun while using the Chest Straps. What I really like about the device is that it shows heart-rate zones that let me know if I am working out with the required intensity to reach my workout target. It actually changes colour while the zones change, so it keeps me going when I get too relaxed in my session and helps me maintain my pace. It has been of great help in building my stamina. Long runs no longer seem tiring because of the optimized run strategy that I have mastered with the help of the Chest Straps.

Keeping fit is not just about weight, it is about the overall wellness of your body. I needed a perfect all-round fitness solution so I decided to go in for the Actofit SmartScale and it is now one of my best workout buddies – always pushes me to work harder when I see my hard work paying off on the scale. I used to be a bit sceptical in the beginning and would always measure my body fat using callipers to confirm but the results always matched.

Hawin Printo
This might sound like one of those TV commercials that you come across every so often but here it is – I used to be quite overweight! I saw some of my friends who were really fit and it motivated me to start working out. I also decided to get myself a smart scale to track my body changes. I had to lose at least 15 kilograms and 9% body fat to achieve the standard non-overweight physique. I regularly work out and have lost quite a lot of weight now - from 85kg to 70kg! Need to lose 2% more body fat and I’ll be content. Thanks to the Actofit SmartScale, monitoring my progress has been a really easy task. When I see my body fat, BMI and weight dipping, I feel motivated to push myself harder!

I have always been very particular about my workouts. How much I sweat is never a measure of my training intensity – it’s always how much I burn in terms of calories. Burning calories is connected to the heart-rate while working out, which is why I went in for the Actofit Chest Straps. It gives me an accurate measure of how much I burn in each session. I follow goal-based workouts so monitoring is really helpful, I plan my sessions accordingly.