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Actofit Group Training Hub

Heart Rate based Training for Groups

Actofit brings Velocity based training to a fitness club near you! You’ll have classes pushing harder, feeling motivated and coming back for more in a heart beat With heart rate training and progress analysis.
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Group Training on the Rise

Actofit group training applications.

Ranked #2 in the 2018 list of fastest growing trends in the fitness industry by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Group environment stokes competitiveness as participants end up exerting more in a group than when training alone.


Real Time Tracking
Encourage members to try harder and stay motivated with live heart rate tracking
See what’s new in your community. Get support from your friends and cheer them on their way to their fitness goals!
Individual Historic Data Logs
  Help members keep track of their progress, reach their goals and feel more involved with auto workout summaries uploaded to their accounts!
encourage competition and get your group members competing against themselves and each other.
Effortless Installation
Simple and minimal Set-up procedure enabling easy integration into your group fitness programs. 
Amplify Participation
Up to 40 users supported in a single Session

How it works

Actofit Group Training solution working.

The Actofit group Training module will compile Heart rates, Effort Zone, Calories burned and Cadence. Compiled Data of participants will appear in the Tablet/TV screen display. At the start of the session the Actofit HUB will gather data from the ActoFit Heart Rate Monitors in proximity.

Benefits of the Actofit Group Training Solution!

Value for Fitness Clubs 
  • Provide a Premium Training Experience that is sure to boost membership retention and attract new members
  • Leaderboard stat tracking creates
    friendly competition that results in a massive boost to member retention and loyalty

Value to Club Members
  • Data driven programs assess and motivate physical activity to empower individuals to pursue safe and healthy active
  • Increase group member accountability and motivation through gamification of various exercise routines.

Value to Trainers
  • With feedback on the intensity of their class, trainers can follow everyone’s progress and engage them accordingly.
  • Real-time data helps trainers makes sure every participant rides the same boat towards a Healthy life.

Supported Products

Actofit Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Straps
and any chest-strap with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities

Are you ready to send your heart racing?

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